Sunday, June 10, 2018

Emil Sayfutdinov - Maybe we will be noticed in Russia after all.

Emil Sayfutdinov did not hide his great joy after the victory at the Speedway Nations. "Maybe they'll notice us in Russia after all." We would not have won without the support of Polish sponsors, "the Russian stressed.

- You were already the world champion among juniors, you won the SGP and SEC medal, but this victory is probably the biggest success in your career and at the same time in the history of the Russian speedway?
- Absolutely, it is. I can honestly say that these were first and foremost very difficult competitions for me. We were looking for the best settings with my whole team. It was clear that we are trying our best. In two races I had an excellent speed, but then something slipped away again. In the final race, I felt that I was not fast enough, but I focused on keeping this third position, which guaranteed us a gold medal.

-Robert Lambert tried to squeeze you on "inside" ...

- I saw it, and when I closed it there, it was a little behind, and I was able to exhale. I am very glad that we won, because in fact this is the biggest success of the Russian speedway in history. We are happy about that. It's a great feeling to be a world champion.

-How will your success be accepted in Russia?

-I hope that finally we will be noticed in our homeland. In this cycle, we spoke without the support of the federation. We thank the Russian fans for constantly supporting us. We also felt the sympathy of the Polish fans. We are, in fact, in the Speedway of the Nations only thanks to the Polish sponsors. They support us, because we are in the PGE Extraliga. I hope that in the end we will be evaluated in the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Sport of Russia. In the end, this is a huge success for our homeland and for us personally.

-For the final race, the tactic was to reach the second and third place, which would give victory in the entire race?

-Tactics was like that. We realized that we had to go to the second and third positions, if we did not win the start. It was difficult to start from the outer tracks. When there were no perfectly matched motorcycle settings, it was difficult to get any points.

- From Russia's point of view, the Speedway of Nations is probably better than the World Cup team?
-Of course, the pairs are better, not just for us. Each country can put in the composition of the two best riders. In team competitions, many nations can not put four or five athletes to fight. Not everyone has so many good racers like Poland, who can easily win Team WC by several teams.

-What do you think about the two-day formula of the competition?

-This was very tiring. We gave a lot of strength. It's not for me to evaluate this format of the competition. We adapted to it. We came to Wroclaw to do a good job, and we succeeded.

-In the finals of the playoff final, when it became clear that Patrick Dudek was expelled, did you practically practice four laps?

-We and Artem knew that we needed to get to the finish with a score of 3: 3 and just tried again to feel this track before the final to choose the right settings for the decisive race. Everything went according to plan. I will not interfere with the rules, because I do not decide in them, but honestly, I do not know why Patrick Dudek was excluded.

-For the warning he received for touching the ribbon in the first race of the Friday event
-Does they take into account both days?

-Is it like you did not know the rules you went by?
"Now I understand why he was expelled. And as for the rules, we knew them, because similar rules in the Speedway Best Pairs where the second and third place is also higher than the first and fourth.