Friday, April 13, 2018

DAKAR SHOW in Svítkov!

AMK Zlatá helma Pardubice organizes on Saturday 28.04. 2018 European Speedway Semifinal Championship. This is a full-day event, but it has significant breaks not only between the official training and the race itself, but also during the race. The Pardubice Speedway Club is always interested in motoring fans to offer an interesting program throughout the sporting day, which starts at 10 o'clock and ends roughly two hours after the last race of the Racecourse. In this context, we thought that we would reach the successful actors of the January phenomenon of the DAKAR 2018 rally and offer them a presentation of their sporting activities called "DAKAR SHOW 2018". The site of the stadium will present their techniques and we think there will be space for demonstration rides. The campus and its possibilities allow us to consider the discussion on this topic.

The Pardubice Svítkov will not only be a great freeway.