Thursday, March 1, 2018

To the results of the team championship of Russia (Super League) on the ice speedway: commentary of the vice-president of the IFR, the chairman of the Track Committee on Ice Speedway R.N. Saitgareev.

Commentary by the vice-president of the IFR, the chairman of the Track Committee on Motor Racing on the ice of Rif Nurlygayovich Saitgareyev.

Due to the fact that in the social networks and forums a number of fans and specialists expressed their negative attitude to what was happening in Tolyatti at STC A. Stepanov on February 24-25, 2018, I think it necessary to give your comment.

 Two weeks before the 5th and 6th stages of the Russian championship among teams of the Super League in the IFF TC on ice motor racing, a letter was received from the representative of the team "Austria-SKE", in which it was reported that the two riders of the team in the same terms will perform at the European Championships in Vyatskiye Polyany, and the third is forced to leave home, having received a call from work.

In this connection, and also taking into account that Russian teams will not be able to perform in the optimal compositions, because I. Kononov ("Mega-Lada"), N. Bogdanov ("Bashkortostan-TSTVS"), E.Krysov (STK-TSTVS), V.Nesykhykh and E.Sharov ("CTWC-Uraltransstrom-DOSAAF"), the TC Chairman addressed the Commission members with a proposal to consider the issue of postponement of the stages for other terms or in general about their cancellation.

If to postpone the weather later, the stages with the participation of all five teams in a day or two after the Final 2 of the personal world championship (February 20-21 or February 21-22) did not interfere with anything. I recall that the proposals for the transfer were sent two weeks before the competition, and TC members had enough time to weigh, think, discuss.

Despite this, all members of the TC with the right to vote - R.Gafurov (Ufa), I.Drepin (Moscow), I.Ivanov (Togliatti), Yu.Perevezentsev (Lukhovitsy) and S.Sherbinin (Kamensk-Uralsky) - unanimously voted for carrying out the stages strictly within the deadlines defined by the calendar. But they did not offer a way out: how, strictly according to the rules, to hold a race for five teams, each of the three riders, with only four teams.

Since in connection with the absence of the "Austria-SKE" team, the number of races at each stage would have been reduced to 12 instead of 20, the TC chairman proposed to allow a team from the organizer out of competition, which could include any riders. But, so that this team could not influence the course of the struggle between the contenders for medals, points in the races to its racers not to charge. Such a precedent was already in 2001 at the stages in Kamensk-Uralsky. This proposal was not objected to by the TC members.

As a result, the audience saw 20 races a day, young racers were able to compete with the eminent and often with success, which could not but please both the fans and themselves. But it did not harm the teams officially participating in the championship, and did not interfere with the objective identification of the strongest.

In occasion of speculations about non-participation of Dmitry Koltakov in races with a command "Bashkortostan-TTSVS" I will say the following. Firstly, it is unclear why Koltakov should take away points precisely from the Ufa club, with whom he has a contract, and not with the rival teams? On the other hand, why should Koltakov get points for his team (Neftekamsk) in those races, where they are harder to get, and not in those where it is easier? Where is the logic? And where are some "sports" principles?

The tactics chosen by the Bashkir teams under the current conditions proved to be correct and brought success. And to search for the reasons of the teams of Togliatti and Kamensk-Uralsky that were below the expected results, it is necessary in these teams themselves.

It is not known how the championship would have formed if Dmitry Khomitsevich had not already suffered a serious injury at the first stage if Dinar Valeyev had not been injured in the fourth stage, and Nikita Toloknov a week before the final stages, if in his last year's form was Igor Kononov , and Igor Saidullin was added to the structure of "Mega-Lada" in the terms established by the rules.

The victory went to the strongest, and, already for the eleventh time, and it is quite deserved. Suffice it to recall that Nikolai Krasnikov did not have such competitive practice as other Super League racers, and Sergei Karachintsev also woke up the old injury at the first stages, that the rest of the team's riders are juniors, one of whom is only 16 years old. Silver, already the fifth, - a five-time champion of the country. Only bronze medals were found by a completely new owner - but only by name. In the team - entirely titled drivers, champions and prize-winners of the world and Europe. And next season we will probably see Kamensk-Uralsky again on the pedestal.

Irina Gorkova - according to the press service of the Federation of Motorcycle Sports of Russia

PHOTO: Sergey Afanasyev (Togliatti)