Monday, March 19, 2018


The world champion continues his triumphal procession, also in Inzell, Dmitry Koltakov was not to defeat. Harald Simon and Franz Zorn raced to the semi-finals.

It is scary in any Form of Dmitry Koltakov, actually everything is in the ground moves. In the seventh Grand Prix of the year, the world champion took his fifth GP victory, built in Inzell his championship lead three races before the end, to an amazing 26 points. The only Daniil Ivanov was able to off him in the heats, a point in the final he was behind Koltakov and Dmitry Khomitsevich Second. Also again in the final, the Swede Martin Haarahiltunen.

After a failure in the final he had to fear for a long time to the semi-final participation, to win a race in the last heat, had the Swede but in the bag. Behind Ivanov, and Khomitsevich, the GP Rookie is on a strong fourth place in the championship standings.

Strong also Harald Simon were presented in the Max Aicher Arena, both Austrians came to the semi-finals, where they against the two Russians, however, could not keep up. After Haarahiltunen Simon in Sixth, is the second-best-Russian to a great place.

Even if Hans Weber didn't make it with six points in the semi-finals, he will not forget the night in Inzell. After his last lead, he drove in front of the VIP stand and made his girlfriend a marriage proposal in front of nearly a sold-out house. Even if he reached his goal in the Top-8 to land, was crowned with the application of success.

After surviving injury Günther Bauer found good lines in his living room, however, he was not in the semi final.

Wildcard-Pilot Stefan Pletschacher didn't have his best day, and remained without points. In the last race, Max Niedermaier, for him, came into the race with the second place what is in it.

On Sunday, the eighth Grand Prix of the year takes place in Inzell. In Herenveen and will be completed in April then the world Cup series and the world champion crowned.

Result For Ice Speedway-Grand-Prix-7, Inzell:

1. Dmitry Koltakov (RUS) 20 points
2. Daniil Ivanov (RUS) 19
3. Dmtriy Khomitsevich (RUS) 17
4. Martin Haarahiltunen (S) 78
5. Dinar Valeev (RUS) 13
6. Harald Simon (A) 11
7. Jimmy Olsen (S) 9
8. Franz Zorn (A) 8
9. Hans Weber (D) 6
10. Niclas Svensson (S) 6
11. Jan Klatovsky (CZ) 5
12. Günther Bauer (D) 5
13. Ove Ledström (S) 4
14. Max Niedermaier (D) 2
15. Jasper Iwema (NL) 2
16. Stefan Svensson (S) 1
17. Stefan Pletschacher (D) 0

World Cup standings after 7 of 10 races:
1. Koltakov, 142 WM-Punkte. 2. Ivanov, 116. 3. Khomitsevich, 109. 4. Haarahiltunen, 78. 5. Sergej Karachintsev (RUS) 68. 6. Simon, 57. 7. Valeev, 53. 8. Zorn, 46. 9. Olsen, 42. 10. N. Svensson, 39. 11. Klatovsky, 36. 12. Ledström, 33. 13. Weber, 27. 14. Igor Kononov (RUS), 22. 15. S. Svensson, 20. 16. Andrey Shishegov (RUS), 17. 17. Bauer, 15. 18. Iwema, 14. 19. Charly Ebner (A), 10. 20. Niedermaier, 9.