Tuesday, March 6, 2018

He doesn't give up! Help Dmitry Tschatschin!

Hello friends,

As you know it is on 30.4 in the intensive rehab to Pforzheim. Unfortunately, I still have not come with the health insurance on a green branch and this continues to deny any support in this direction. But since my progress speaks for itself and this can be expanded even more quickly and in Pforzheim, I ask you this post, with the request to further support as much as possible to share. I can promise you one thing, I will not give up and will invest all the strength I have!
There is also a donation account.
There you also get a donation receipt. If you are interested, please ask for this by PM.

It's been a crazy sum come together, but I think I do not have to tell anyone how expensive medicine can be.

Here again the link to my donation account via Paypal:

Thank you all with all my heart for the support!

Greetings Dimi