Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"Moldow" extends sponsorship of Russian Speedway rider Emil Sayfutdinov.

The first year after Emil Saifutdinov returned to the Speedway Grand Prix series after a three-year break was also the first year with the Moldow logo on his overalls and motorcycle.

The end of 2017 in sixth place in the world means that Emil will start the world Cup in 2018. This year will be the next in cooperation of the Russian athlete and the Danish firm "Moldow", which was extended for the next two years:

- I am happy that our cooperation has been extended for the next two years. I would never have thought that such a large foreign company as "Moldow", which has been engaged in Speedway for many years, will support me so much. I must admit that in the 2017 season I received great support from the whole family and employees, so I feel that we are now good friends, not just business partners – said Emil Saifutdinov.

- In addition to the international recognition that will provide us with Emil's sponsorship, we consider our cooperation a good way to distinguish among competitors not only in the Russian market, but also around the world, with the help of sport, which we support and which has brought us pleasure for many years – said General Director of the company "Moldow", K. Preben Hansen.

Expectations for the 2018 season