Saturday, February 3, 2018

Ice Speedway Finnish championship 2018 will be resolved Kauhajoki.

The coming Saturday run Kauhajoki jIce Speedway Individual Finnish championship. Sotka's speedway track has been frozen for a long time, so last year's good conditions to be played. According to the contest have signed up overall, 17 driver.

Included are the reigning Finnish champion Mats Järf as well as for a long time the track from a break have been Tommy Flyktman, who was crowned champion in 2005. Also many times the SM-medalist Kai Lehtinen is again involved. SM-finals began to drive to the demonstration at 13.00. Before the actual finals start run karsintaerä, with three of the best to claim a place in directly driving the above-mentioned ajonumero. The qualifying period of the last driver to run a SM-finale of the first deputy of the number 17. Qualification a participate in Mika Helin FMS, Jukka-Pekka Blacksmith VaMP, Kai Lehtinen A-SMP and Tommy Flyktman IT.

ICE SPEEDWAYN SM-FINALS 3.2.2018 KAUHAJOKI (KauhjMK), ajonumero you 1) Matti Isoaho OMK, 2) Mikko Mäkinen ValkMK, 3) Markku Weckman KMMK, 4) Markku Larronmaa CF, 5) Tom Kirilov PirMM, 6) Mats Järf Sciences, 7) Rami Sy JaMoKe/UA, 8) Jussi Nyrönen P-CMM, 9) the qualifying period for the third, 10) Jani Koivula NoPymj, 11) Timo Kankkunen P-CMM, 12) qualifying period for second, 13) the qualifying period winner, 14) Olli-Pekka Mäki PirMM, 15) Tom Norola SeMK, 16) Christer Biskop KMS, 17) qualifying the batch of four. Text: course type group/SML