Sunday, December 24, 2017

Composition of the drivers of the finals of the Individual Championship of Russia 2018.

The list of participants (according to the starting numbers for the final 1):

1. Dmitry KOLTAKOV (Ufa)
2. Nikita TOLOKNOV (Togliatti)
3. Nikita SHADRIN (Ufa)
4. Sergey KARACHINTSEV (Ufa)
5. Igor KONONOV (Togliatti)
6. Vladimir BOBIN (Kamensk-Uralsky)
7. Vasily NEZYTYKH (Kamensk-Uralsky)
8. Dinar VALEEV (Kamensk-Uralsky)
9. Dmitry SOLYANNIKOV (Kamensk-Uralsky)
10. Evgeny SHAROV (Kamensk-Uralsky)
11. Nikita TARASOV (Kamensk-Uralsky)
12. Daniil IVANOV (Togliatti)
13. Dmitry KHOMITSEVICH (Kamensk-Uralsky)
14. Mikhail LITVINOV (Togliatti)
15. Andrei SHISCHEGOV (Ufa district)
17. Evgene SAYDULLIN (Togliatti)
18. Eduard KRYSOV (Vyatskiye Polyany)
19. Sergey MAKAROV (Lukhovitsy)

From the REGULATION of official competitions in ice motor racing season 217-2018:
item 3.1.13. The 16th main participant and two substitutes are determined from the number of athletes who took the sixth places in the semi-finals, following the results of a special race held at the end of the official training before the first final stage.
item 3.1.16. The results of the championship of Russia are determined by the sum of points scored by the participants in the races of all four final stages.

Final 1  - Togliatti  29-30.12.2017,
Stage 1 -  Beginning at 17:00 (Moscow time)
Stage 2  -  Beginning at 14:00 (Moscow time)

Final 2 - Kamensk-Uralsky ,  05-06.01.2018,
Stage 3 - Beginning at 11:00 (Moscow time)
Stage 4 - Beginning at 11:00 (Moscow time)