Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Speedway legend Greg Hancock will attend the 2017 FIM Training Camp in Prague.

Greg Hancock, 2016 FIM Speedway GP World Champion / © BSI,

The event has received a major boost with the news that 2016 FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Champion Greg Hancock will be taking time out from his busy schedule to play an active role. Already an FIM Environmental Ambassador, the hugely respected American once again confirms his commitment to the future of the sport.

The Training Camp has a three-day programme of tuition both on and off the track and will include subjects such as advice on technical matters, fitness, rules and protocol as well as practical guidance on racing and riding techniques. Experts will be on hand to give help on all aspects of track racing.

The Camp will be followed by the World Championship competition involving 32 young riders nominated by their federations, who will race two semi-finals with the top sixteen from each taking part in the World Championship Final on 31 August. Formerly a trophy event, the competition has been elevated to World Championship status this year so will carry extra prestige for the first winner of the title.

FIM Track Racing Director Armando Castagna is delighted with the news that Hancock will attend. He says:

“It is simply sensational to have a rider such as Greg Hancock involved in the future of speedway and it will be very emotional for the kids to have the current World Champion helping during this week. FIM thanks Greg for supporting this championship and we are all very pleased to attend the first ever FIM Speedway Youth World Championship 250cc”.

Speedway legend Hancock is equally excited by the prospect and comments:

"I am excited and honoured to have the chance to be a part of the 2017 FIM Speedway Youth World Championship 250cc. I had the advantage of riding a bike with a 250 Weslake engine in my last year of junior Speedway back in 1985 and I learned so much with that bike. After all these years it's fantastic to see that an official project is now in the making thanks to the FIM. The 250 bikes are the key to making an even more controlled future for the young riders of today. It's the next step.
This also gives me a good chance to watch and support the two young Americans who have worked so hard to qualify for the event. It's a win-win all around. "

A preview of the championship will be posted later but a list of the participating riders and the draw for the two semi-finals can be found by following these links:


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