Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Franky Wrath, the Iron Fighter.

Ice speedway professional Franky Zorn is constantly in the summer at the Tüfteln. For his great dream of the world title he has not yet written off.

He leads "with his head" a life on nails. And makes nails with heads. Franky Zorn pulls his thing through, fighting every year against an overpowering of Russians. Next year, he is celebrating his 25th anniversary in a sport with which he designed his "work of life", as he says. It all started in 1993, when his uncle Toni Hörl withdrew from active racing.

Soon, anger was the first success. The biggest ones are the 2008 European Championship, the Vice World Championship title 2000 and two bronze championships 2008/09. In addition, he collected nearly 100 podiums in various races. He won the European Championship title one week after the home race in Lenzing, where he fell, a rib broke and punches punches from the spikes. "I've sewn myself, you have to be a hard dog."

Ice speedway driving is not a honey lick. This is the 46-year-old Saalfeldener aware. "When I look at this sport, I think: 'They're all deppert.' It is a delicate mental affair, which in some way makes a cold guy. " Deep inside, he had a soft heart, but this could be a disaster on the race track. "We need our own hardness - and we are very strong in our work."Anger has remained firm. Even after a bitebreak, which separated him in 2014 seven months from the bike. He fought his way back to the World Championship last six times. "Ice speedway is a kind of sport that you do not learn from today to tomorrow, but it takes a lot of experience, you can do it at an advanced age, I have fun and it's going well." At 60 he will not be active anymore. Post: "Probably."His great goal remains: "becoming world champion" - even if this is "insanely difficult" against the Russian Dominators. "They are heroes in their country, clubs are behind them - and they have the necessary temperatures for training." 

After the season is before the season. "He could not stand". That is why he is constantly working on the bike in the summer. As a skilled mechanic and through his many years of experience, he knows which screws he has to turn. Four times a week is currently being trained. Two times in the gym, one time on the motocross machine and one time endurance (running or cycling). He keeps his bus and his workshop in a shot ("I am very accurate") and talks with sponsors. "In the summer I am a one-man business, and I never get bored," says the dubious father. Daughter Selina (12) and son Samuel (5) also have their own motocross bikes."At home, he is very fond of life, and he needs an exaggerated ambition for his sport", says life partner Sabine Landauer. Franky, too, likes to call her Franz. He got the nickname in the Hauptschulalter by a tax collector at the Plöckenpass. "He said to me, 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' (a British band in the 80s, note). From the 'ie' I made a Ypsilon and the name has remained." Franky Zorn became the brand. And to the most famous and successful ice-speedway driver in Austria, who is still far from enough.