Thursday, July 6, 2017

Emil Sayfutdinov: I hope we can reach the final of the SWC.

- It will be an interesting competition. In Leszno we want to squeeze over everything. We will try to score a lot of points and, I hope, will be able to reach the final - said Emil Sayfutdinov.

Emil Sayfutdinov in Västervik scored 10 points. The leader of the Russian team was Grigory Laguta, who finished the race 12 points in the account.

- Grigory Laguta and Vadim Tarasenko scored a lot of points, only Andrei Kudryashov, was a bit of a problem. It seems to me that you haven't found the relevant settings for this track. However, in Leszno will be better. Gleb Chugunov also travels well. This was his debut in the SWC and showed himself a good hand, praised his colleagues of the Russian racer. The big surprise came from Latvia, winning a place in the tournament flight off. B Swedish semi-final, the Latvians scored as many points as the Danes, but in extra-Andrzej Lebedev defeated Niels Kristian Iversen.

- I'm happy with the output of the Latvian team.
This is something new, to see them as competitors in this phase of the SWC. It will definitely be good for Speedway in Latvia commented Saifutdinov.