Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Today, June 14, in Togliatti will be the final round of the Russian Individual Speedway Championship on the cinder path among juniors under 19 years old. On the racetrack STK them. Anatoly Stepanov will be the most promising young racers from Togliatti, Balakovo, Vladivostok, Salavat and Oktyabrsky.

Acting champions of Russia in the personal competition Roman Lakhbaum and Gleb Chugunov will represent "Mega-Ladu" in the race, which, we recall, also won on June 10 a pass to the final of the  European Championship in the track on the cinder path. In addition, Togliatti students of the regional sports and technical school on speedway: Semyon Zuev, Andrei Stepanov and Yevgeny Saidullin, will take to the starting grid of the final meeting of the LPRU-2017.

The junior race in Togliatti promises to be one of the most spectacular events of this season. Youth and excitement, adrenaline and speed. The beginning of the competition at  19.00.