Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Riders’s view, part. I – Dmitry Koltakov!

Foto: David Reygondeau 
"The most difficult for me was perhaps the race in Almaty" – Koltakov.

At the end of another crowded Ice Speedway season we caught up with a few of the riders before they returned home to a more normal life and asked them for their thoughts on the 2017 Championship, the highs and lows and the new venues at Shadrinsk and Heerenveen. First on the hot seat : 2017 champion Dmitry Koltakov.

Koltakov regained the individual world title this year and we asked him whether his preparation had been any different:
“This year we paid much more attention to the bikes’ preparation. I myself had to focus on results and being more determined to get back the title. First and foremost every World Championship’ success means hard work. Every season my team and I do a huge amount of work when preparing the bikes. It’s very important to gain proper physical form and to be ready for the championship mentally."
"There were no easy rounds, just as there are no cheap victories. The most difficult for me was perhaps the race in Almaty: all the weekend long I had fever and therefore it was more difficult for me to compete physically."
"The most remarkable moment for me was that feeling of victory when I became the World Champion in advance, after the fourth session in Heerenveen. I just remember the smiles and happy faces of my fans, those people who supported me, spectators, my team mates."
"I’m quite satisfied with my results and my position at the top so I am not planning any major changes for 2018. Now I need a couple-of-weeks-rest from sports, some time, which I can spend with my family and my loved ones. Then I will start preparing myself for the next season with cycling and motocross training a must."
"I’d like to thank FIM and all the officials for the great work done this year!”
Graham Brodie