Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Juniors of Mega-Lada won the second stage of the Russian team championship.

Junior team Togliatti "Mega-Lada" won the second stage of the speedway, which was held May 30 in Balakovo.
Four teams of juniors under the age of 21 took part in the competitions at the "Trud" stadium: Vostok”, “Turbina”, “Mega-Lada” and STSH.

The winner of the stage in a difficult race for the weather was "Mega-Lada", which scored 37 points. The second place with 35 points was taken by guys from "Turbina". Bronze won the stage, "Vostok", which has 34 points. The second team from Togliatti scored 12 points and finished fourth. The best on this day was Gleb Chugunov, Mega-Lada, who scored 14 points in his five runs.
According to the results of two stages, the leader of the Communist Party is "Vostok", which has 77 points. The second place is occupied by "Mega-Lada", which scored 74 points. In third place with a total of 66 points is "Turbina". Closing the table guys from the GBU STSH, scored 20 points.
The finals of the Russian team championship will be held on September 12 in Togliatti.