Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Interview – Günther Bauer.

Günther Bauer await heat start in Berlin. Foto: David Reygondeau

At the end of another crowded Ice Speedway season we caught up with a few of the riders before they returned home to a more normal life and asked them for their thoughts on the 2017 Championship, the highs and lows and the new venues at Shadrinsk and Heerenveen. Today, veteran German Günther Bauer.

“Generally the season went good for me. I’m satisfied with it. As for improvements it was mostly work on the bike. We had to change some things when preparing for the races.
I thought that the most difficult meeting was in Shadrinsk. I remember it was not easy to find the set up for the bikes, possibly because of the extreme cold we faced there. The best races for me this season were Togliatti and Inzell.
The two new venues this year were both interesting. Shadrinsk was not easy at all. It’s a long way to drive, very cold but very good place for racing. I enjoyed that event. Speaking about Heerenveen, I can say that it’s the greatest venue I’ve ever ridden at. It’s really a big advantage to have this place in our calendar.
There were two moments that I especially remember. The saddest one was when the bike’s engine broke in Togliatti in the middle of the race. The greatest one was when my team won the medals of the Team World Championship in Inzell.  Riding together with my son Luca was really exciting, I enjoyed it. It gave me so much power and motivation one couldn’t expect. I hope to meet him on the racetrack in future.
Now my plans for the next few months will be to get back to work. Ice racing is my hobby and passion and I must work when the ISG season ends.   My first target for 2018 is to find the sponsors.”
Graham Brodie