Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Interview – Franz Zorn.

Franz Zorn in Almaty            Foto: David Reygondeau

At the end of another crowded Ice Speedway season we caught up with a few of the riders before they returned home to a more normal life and asked them for their thoughts on the 2017 Championship, the highs and lows and the new venues at Shadrinsk and Heerenveen.
Today Franz Zorn who was his enthusiastic self.
“The season started well for me. My goal was to be on the fifth place at least. I was on the first place in the qualifying round 2 in Stromsund. I won some international races in Europe while preparing for the 2017 ISG season. In Togliatti, on both days I qualified to the final heats series. Of course during the season I had my ups and downs, for example in Heerenveen where I injured my shoulder in the second heat on Saturday. Overall, the season was not bad, my sponsors were satisfied and I hope to have a chance to participate in the series next year.

It was great to have more practice in the beginning of the season. In Stromsund I had very good training sessions. The weather was just perfect and we made 11 ice tracks on the lake. I hadn’t made many improvements to the bikes, so the most important was training for me.

The easiest round was in Togliatti: organisation, ice preparation, everything was perfect for me. It was the first time for a long while that I’ve qualified into the Final heat. The most difficult for me was Heerenveen, as I got injured at the very beginning of the first day and it was not easy to continue through the event.

As for the new venues, it’s great to have them on the calendar. Both of them were perfect and I hope to race at both of them again in the future.

A very special moment was when I met an old friend of mine, Valery Pertsev, who raced with us in the World Championship in the 1990s. It was a great to see him again!”

Graham Brodie