Friday, May 26, 2017

Fogo Power team won the secondo round of Speedway Best Pairs In Landshut.

Fogo Power team won the secondo round of Speedway Best Pairs In Landshut. Team led by Adam Goliński defeated Boll Team 5:1 and Got strengthened at the lead of the general classification of the whole series.
 First series of starts started with their powerful punch. Undefeated duo Pawlicki – Zmarzlik gave no chance to the City Team. In their secondo heat, Szymon Woźniak came up strong. Rider of the Eko-Dir Speedway Team won the start, but had to accept Grigogij Laguta’s superiority at the second corner of the first lap. Also Jason Doyle was willing to overtake Woźniak, but Pole’s clever ride made him finish before Australian. Some hugely bad luck came with Adrian Miedziński's start. Nice Racing had been noting a double win with Trans MF Pro Race Team, but Miedziak's engine failure at the last lap made this heat finished with a draw.
Fifth heat will go to straight to the history books. For the first time since the Fogo Power duo is made of pair Zmarzlik - Piotr Pawlicki, which is from the last round in Landshut, team led by Adam Goliński had to accept superiority of their rivals. They got defeated by the Eko-Dir Speedway Team 1:5. Some incredible racing was presented by Chris Holder and Martni Smolinski, who were switching positions at the distance of every lap. It were the Trans MF Pro Race Team's representatives who ended the heat with a win, though, by winning 4:2.
Adrian Miedziński was far from imaging this kind of a half of a meeting. Nice Racing's rider, who lost a sure win, because of engine's failure, later on, while leading against the City Team, surprisingly fell at the first corner of the fourth lap and once again lost Nice's points.
- I am not fully satisfied with my performance. Both I and Adrian were losing points at the distance, however in the next round, we strongly count on the rostrum - Antonio Lindbeack, Nice Racing's rider said.
After a poor beginning of the meeting, heat no.14 brought an awakening of Paweł Przedpełski. Monster Energy Team's rider was fighting strongly for the win with Grigorij Laguta and in heat no.17, after a very brave tackle at the opposite straight of the first lap, he overtook rider of Eko-Dir Speedway Team and ultimately, secured his position up till the finish line, which made him get his first "3" in this year's SBP.
Unfortunately, for the German fans, one of their favourites - City Team ended rivalry right after the main series. Team led by Sabrina Herms were doing many mistakes at the distance and at the end of the day, got only one position away from the bottom, by overtaking the Monster Energy Speedway Team.
Once again, Boll Team jumped to the final to fight for the ultimate win. Australian-Russian trio didn't lose any single heat at the One Solar Arena. Team, which was second in general classification, met their rival after the race-off heat, where Fogo Power and Eko-Dir Speedway Team faced each other. Last chance heat was grabbed by riders of Fogo Power, who got a double win with Rafał Dobrucki's riders, thanks to which, they found a revenge for the double loss in heat no.5. In the final heat, Fogo Power gave no chance to Boll Team after a double win and securing fourth win in a row.
- We didn't lose a round in one year and it is thanks to our cooperation and understanding. We've got an advantage over the rivals, however we don't put our focus to that, but look forward to the next round and grabbing the ultimate win in the whole series of Speedway Best Pairs - Bartosz Zmarzlik (Fogo Power) said.
- Till the half of the meeting, our bikes' setups were right, but from then on, we got lost. It was decisive when it comes to our final loss - Grigorij Laguta (Boll Team).

I. Fogo Power 22 + 5
3. Bartosz Zmarzlik (3,1,-,2,3,3,3,2) 12
4. Piotr Pawlicki (-,0,0,-,-,-)
16. Przemysław Pawlicki (2,-,3,1,2,2,2,3) 10
II. Boll Team 24 + 1
7. Jason Doyle (1,3,2,-,2,3,-,0) 11
8. Grigorij Łaguta (3,2,1,3,3,d,-,1) 12
18. Max Fricke (-,-,-,1,-,-) 1
III.Eko-Dir Speedway Team 21
5. Szymon Woźniak (2,2,2,3,2,1,1) 12
6. Andzejs Lebedevs (0,3,3,0,1,2,0) 9
IV.Nice Racing 18
11. Antonio Lindbaeck (3,2,3,1,0,1) 10
12. Adrian Miedziński (0,3,u,2,1,2) 8
20. Kacper Gomólski (-.-.-.-.-.-) 0
V.Trans MF Pro Race Team 17
9. Martin Smolinski (2,1,1,0,1,t) 5
10. Leon Madsen (1,0,3,3,2,3) 12
19. Mark Riss (-,-,-,-,-,-) 0
VI.City Team 13
1. Kai Huckenbeck (1,3,w,-,0,-) 4
2. Erik Riss (0,1,1,2,3,u) 7
15. Tobias Kroner (-,-,-,1,-,1) 2
VII.Monster Energy Speedway Team 11
13. Chris Holder (2,1,2,0,0,1) 6
14. Paweł Przedpełski (0,0,0,2,3,0) 5
Heat by heat:
1. Zmarzlik, Pi. Pawlicki, Huckenbeck, E. Riss 5:1
2. Łaguta, Woźniak, Doyle, Lebedevs 4:2
3. Lindbaeck, Smolinski, Madsen, Miedziński 3:3
4. Huckenbeck, Holder, E.Riss, Przedpełski 4:2
5. Lebedevs, Woźniak, Zmarzlik, Pi. Pawlicki 5:1
6. Doyle, Łaguta, Smolinski, Madsen 5:1
7. Miedziński, Lebiediew, Holder, Przedpełski 5:1
8. Lebedevs, Woźniak, E.Riss, Huckenbeck (w/u) 5:1
9. Prz. Pawlicki, Doyle, Łaguta, Pi.Pawlicki 3:3
10.Madsen, Holder, Smolinski, Przedpełski 4:2
11. Lindbaeck, E.Riss, Kroner, Miedziński (u) 3:3
12. Madsen, Zmarzlik, Prz. Pawlicki, Smolinski 3:3
13. Woźniak, Miedziński, Lindbaeck, Lebedevs 3:3
14. Łaguta, Przedpełski, Fricke, Holder 4:2
15. E.Riss, Madsen, Smolinski, Huckenbeck 3:3
16. Zmarzlik, Prz.Pawlicki, Miedziński, Lindbaeck 5:1
17. Przedpełski, Woźniak, Lebedevs, Holder 3:3
18. Łaguta, Doyle, Kroner, E.Riss (u) 5:1
19. Zmarzlik, Prz. Pawlicki, Holder, Przedpełski 5:1
20. Madsen, Lebedevs, Woźniak, Smolinski (t) 3:3
21. Doyle, Miedziński, Lindbaeck, Łaguta (d) 3:3
22. Zmarzlik, Prz. Pawlicki, Woźniak, Lebedevs 5:1
23. Prz. Pawlicki, Zmarzlik, Łaguta, Doyle 5:1