Thursday, April 27, 2017

Russian drivers at SEC 2017.

To participate in the qualifying stages of the Speedway European Championship from Russia are declared:
01.05. 2017 - semi-final-2 in the city of Murek (Austria) - Gafurov Renat and Kulakov Victor
05/01/2017 - Semi-final-3 in Terenzano (Italy) - Andrey Kudryashov and Vadim Tarasenko
05/06/2017 - semifinal-4 in Lamot-Landeron (France) - Lachbaum Roman and Fayzulin Arslan.
Unfortunately, on the eve of the international starts, Gleb Chugunov (fractured collarbone) was injured and will not be able to take part in the semifinals in France.
From each semi-finals, the top 4 riders will go on to the next round - the European Championship Challenge 2017, which will be held in Slovakia (Gorichan) on the 20th of May.
One of the leaders of the Russian team - Grigory Laguta, in the last season, won the right to play in the SEC Finals (Speedway European Championship) without participation in preliminary qualifying starts.