Friday, April 28, 2017

Franz Zorn: "Khomitsevich is a very good racer. It is a pity that he did not ask this season ".

According to the results of the last international season, the first five places in the world rating were taken by Russian motorcycle racers, and the Austrian Franz Zorn became the best European "gladiator on ice". Right after the end of the last stage, we congratulated Franz on his successful performance, and then the racer shared his impressions of the world championship and Russian racers.

- Only after a few weeks comes the realization that the season has really ended. I think that for me it turned out good. Like everyone else, I had ups and downs (and in the literal sense), but the season turned out to be special. For example, I first visited two new places - in Shadrinsk and Heerenveen, and I hope that I will definitely return there next year. Although at the last stage I had a big accident. Powerfully flew into bales, injured his shoulder and barely collected himself ... Because of this, he could not fight for higher places. Got upset…

For many, many years our main rivals are the Russian racers. They are real professionals and go very fast. We did not know for a long time how to approach them, but I think that this season they made a good step for victory, but your rivals failed to win. Such guys as Dmitry Khomitsevich, are focused on sports. They have good physical training, work hard, have excellent driving techniques and, of course, great talent. They can always learn something new. I'm sorry that Dmitriy this season, some races were asked. I saw his fall, but still he was very good. I wish him success.Now we all rest, and next winter again give heat. I will recover and wait for a new season. By the way, I really enjoyed being in Russia. You have a smart organization and friendly people, I can not wait to be back at your guest.