Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dmitry Khomitsevich: "Russian racers are the peak".

Gold medalist of the team championship of the world, team champion of Russia and bronze medalist of the individual world championship - and this is not yet a complete list of all the titles won by the motorcycle racer on the ice from Kamensk-Uralsky - Dmitry Khomitsevich. After he won a bronze medal at the last stage of the World Championship in Netherland Heerenveen, Dmitry almost reached the house for almost a week, and as soon as he arrived he gave a great interview to the "Regional newspaper".

 - Dmitry, I was personally surprised by the fact that you had to get to the house ... with your own progress. Why?
 - This is a common practice. The fact is that our transport is very expensive to send by plane, so we are on our own - we are by car, and motorcycles are on a special bus. Many people thought that we covered 5000 km on motorcycles. But this, of course, is not so (laughs). Well, we closed the motorcycles on arrival in the boxes. And where to ride them? Everything melted away.

Season you had very saturated. Many have won awards. Which of them is the most valuable?
- Gold team world championship. Yes, I did well at Russian starts, but the level of the rider is formed yet by the number of world podiums. I've won the personal world championship last season, and this time, alas, only the third. In general, the season started for me very well. At the first stage, he won, on the second he became the second. Then two strong falls - and something clicked in my head. It was necessary, apparently, the computer to restart (laughs). After that I began to insure myself. Somewhere I was slowing down, somewhere "underdog", as they say. Somewhere the technique failed. For example, in Alma-Ata, in the mountains, the settings of the motorcycle were brought up. There's quite high, little oxygen, and so you had to adjust the motor differently. Then there was a series of failures, but already at the stage in Berlin ... At the final, in Holland, it was already able to gather. In the end, I was happy with the result, but I understood that I did not have much.
- Which of the World Cup starts were the most difficult?
- The difficulty was in the middle of the season. The second and third stages turned out to be extremely difficult for me. There were falls, then a trauma - and went-went. After that, it was already more difficult to tune and act. Began injections, pills ... But I had never thought of quitting this sport. I am a professional athlete and should not pass before difficulties. When you fall or you get injured, the thought is one - sooner be recovered and again on the ice.
- Have you already made any amendments for the next season?
- Just arrived home, and already thoughts about the new season. First of all, I think about the condition and improvement of the motorcycle. Spare parts are collected all over the country. Yesterday I called to Irkutsk - I ordered lightweight plastic. When he fell, he broke the carbon inserts. Now they need to be looked for. I have a papa trainer-mechanic - he already had several thoughts on the motor. In Europe, bribed some of the details. Now ahead of summer, I will participate in motocross. This is also preparation.
- Motocross? Once in an interview with "OG" you said: "My element is ice" ...
- I have been engaged in motocross since childhood. Was a silver medalist of the Cup of Russia. But in the motorcycle races on the ice I'm better at it. Motocross is the basis of my career, but the ice, yes, is closer to me. On the speedway in Russia, the school is the strongest in the world, and on motocross - yet. In Europe, racers train a lot in good conditions, and it's difficult for us to compete with them. Yes, and motorcycle races on the ice, weather conditions allow us to fully engage.
- If you return to the season - before the race you noted: "At the World Championships it is worthwhile to fear the Russian guys." And so it happened.
- Of course. All Russians are very strong. In addition, I and Dinar Valeev, who took the fourth place, stand for Kamensk-Uralsky. And the owner of the fifth place Daniil Ivanov was born here. So in Kamensk born and brought up the strongest racers on the planet. True, at the end of the season, even foreigners pulled themselves up - the Swedes, the Austrians. But the Russians still tune in differently.
- How else?
- With foreigners, it's possible to slow down a bit, not to drive to full speed. But with the Russians this move will not work - only the maximum should be squeezed. You can not relax, and then immediately go around.

Not only did you press the competition, but also the rostrum. The last stages in Holland was visited, scary to think, 14 thousand people.
- No, the stands in this case do not crush, as you say. On the contrary - give confidence. Therefore, I like to perform in Europe. The spectators come and support everyone. Russians are very fond of and always root for us. Many even persons under our flag paint. In Europe, I already had my fans and fans. In addition, they have an organization at the highest level - everything is clean, smooth ice and there are never drunken people.
- Did you manage to walk around Europe? Or only ice arenas and races?
- Before the competition, we always go to the city. We ate - and on a tour. We go, we communicate, we make purchases. Before the race you need to somehow unload, so that the head is not hammered by competition alone. If you talk about preferences - I liked Holland. It is nice to speak there. But I hardly would like to live there permanently. Still pulling home. Swedes call for them, but in Russia it's better.
- Your colleague - Swedish racer Niklas Svensson said: "Russian lovely guys, but only talk to them you can not - do not know English."
"That's what he said?" There is such (laughs). We are more often in the Netherlands and Germany. We use the knowledge of the German language. And Swedes speak in English or in their native language, so, of course, the language barrier arises. But I try to pull it up. Every year I teach, but it's still hard.
- Dmitry, you make the impression of an indefatigable person. But now, after all the races, allow yourself to rest?
- That's just the rest - I fell ill. So with the family I will, and from Monday - training. My family, of course, is calling somewhere in the warm regions to rest, but I say: "Go without me. I have training. " For us, the most important holiday is October. It's not summer, but it's not winter either. Therefore, this month, I'm bound to get out with my family. And athletes generally do not rest very much. Run the preparation, and then it's hard to get into the rhythm. When after the injuries for a long time you do not work, then at night you start dreaming about how you drive a motorcycle and really want to go out on the track. Athletes, they are "sick" in a good way.

A comment:

 Sergei Scherbinin, Director of the Center for Technical Sports of the Sverdlovsk Region:
- I would evaluate the results of the season for five with a plus. Our team for the first time in Russian history has won both the big leagues and the Super League. Practically in every ice nomination we have a medal. No club in the country can boast of this. We are very pleased, and thank you very much to Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev and the Ministry of Sports of the region - without their support, we would not have achieved such results. If we talk about Khomitsevich, then this year he was prevented from falling. He had five strongest falls in a season! In Shadrinsk he twisted a somersault, in Holland he was hardly torn apart in half! This year he was heavier, but he showed a real fighting nature.Results of the season
According to the results of the international season, the first five places of the personal world championship were taken by motorcycle racers from Russia. In the first place is the native of the Kurgan Dmitry Koltakov, on the second - the Bashkir racer Igor Kononov. The three were closed by Khomitsevich, on the fourth - the representative of Kamensk-Uralsky Dinar Valeev, and on the fifth the native of the same city - Daniil Ivanov.
The top ten riders were closed by Swede Niklas Svensson. "OG" contacted him to find out how the rivals assess the performance of Russian riders.
- This year my goal was to bypass Europeans first, as Russian racers are the top. They are going so fast that I do not know how to approach them! But in the last stages I still managed to impose a fight on them. In the next season I plan to improve the bike and to fight the Russians completely. After the final races I congratulated Koltakov, Kononov, Khomitsevich. I treat all of them with great respect, they are nice guys, but we can not talk to them - we do not know English. I also want to say that you should be proud of your riders. They are not only excellent athletes, but also very interesting, modest people.