Sunday, March 26, 2017

Valery Ivanov: "We are without a motorcycle, like Churchill without a cigar"

Author: Alexander NIKOLAEV
Photo: Alexander CHERNYKH

Our present interlocutor is the youngest of the trinity of the famous Krasnoyarsk brothers-motorcycle racers Ivanov Valery. Master of sports of international class, champion of the USSR in personal and twice in the team classification, twice became world champion in the national team of the Union. What do you think the most interesting question was in this conversation? Of course, it is this one: where did the champion's fate of the famous Krasnoyarsk rider begin?
- Valery Leonidovich, an example for imitation, probably, were older brothers?
- Probably not even so much as the brothers, as the very place where we grew up: Pokrovka, the chapel of Paraskeva Friday. On the mountainside, where the chapel stands, motocrosses have been held for a long time. And for us, local boys, there was no more attractive place. The competitions ended, and the track became ours. Quite still, two-year-old, five-six-year-olds, we chased it first at the looms, and when we grew up, we changed seats on mopeds and motorcycles, and everything began seriously.
- And at what age did this transplant happen for you?
"Eight years." Naturally, first in the motor club at DOSAAF came the elder brother Yuri, then the average Sergei, well, followed them and me. The racing mopeds used to be high, not that now. It was difficult to sit down on such a car, and even more so get out from under it without help, if you fall off in the race.
- Your parents were not opponents of such extreme hobbies, because the occupation is something rather risky, dangerous?
"It was much more important for them that if we were not in a street company, then there would be more problems with us." Therefore, our parents just hailed our enthusiasm and supported us in every possible way, trying to help us cope with the difficulties that arise. And they were enough. I myself am amazed at how we managed to do everything - and at school to study, and do not miss classes in the motor club, with lessons to keep up. I am sure that the sport fixed the character, educated us in responsibility, so that it was not ashamed anywhere - in the sports section, or at the school board.
- Did you seriously choose motorcycling yourself and your brothers, once and for all?
- We did not have such a definite aim, we tried out different variants, other kinds of sports. Sergei, for example, was engaged in boxing. I remember once he was so given in the ring that he got a concussion, he had to lie back at home. And I managed to do judo, I tried myself and in karate. And I really liked the art chasing, I wanted to understand this skill, seriously attended classes, even a little diploma did not receive. But I pulled out motorsport.
- Do you remember your first motorcycle races?
- Of course, I remember. The very first for me were city competitions, they were held on the island of Tatyshev. I was probably already nine years old, then I took second place. But when they grew up, for us, fourteen-year-old children-riders, the most steep were competitions among children's sports schools. Very massive starts and really very cool, because at that time children's sports schools were supplied very well, everything was - equipment, instructors, level of preparation. So the sports shots were forged. The guys were involved in motorsport from the youngest years, then passed into the youthful age category, into adulthood. To be honest, starting to engage, many of us then did not dream to become professional racers, but absolutely for everyone it was passion passionate. And, I will add, affordable. We somehow tried to remember how many motor clubs at that time existed in the city. Counted more than a dozen, a dozen and a half sections in Krasnoyarsk was exactly - in each district several. The popularity and accessibility of this sport was at that time just crazy, and motorcycling was massive. Now, alas, it has become an individual: technical - the most expensive sport, probably, only with yachts can be compared. To today put the child on a motorcycle, you need to give 250 thousand for the purchase of a new children's racing car, plus form, fuel, maintenance, spare parts - just cosmically expensive. Today it is an elite sport. Doing it became prestigious, because it is very expensive, and everything that is expensive, we like very much, it's like a diamond in a buttonhole.
- All three brothers Ivanov eventually became holders of the titles of world champions. Was it difficult to compete with relatives?
- Sports life - this is competition, which does not take into account family ties. And this is normal. I will not hide how the younger I was much more difficult. Judge for yourself: in the team of the Soviet Union there are already two brothers Ivanov - take another and third? And in the national team only two dozen places, twelve riders went to the world championships. It is clear that it was very difficult to get into their number. It was necessary to show itself at such a maximum that the questions whether to take the third brother, simply did not arise. Therefore, I really had to work up to the seventh sweat, to show character in order to get into the national team. It turned out. I was always in good shape before the season and proved it at the training camp. They say that on the name of Ivanov the whole of Russia is holding. (Smiling.) I do not know if it's true or not. About us in the national team, another humorous saying was born: "The Ivanov brothers without a motorcycle - it's like Churchill without a cigar."
It was worth giving to the gas, and - everything: the cuckoo in your head is turned off, and not a single thought, except forward and as quickly as possible. You are overwhelmed with only one thing - the desire to be the first.
- What, in your opinion, can help revive the former glory of motorsport?
- Sport is a system. What does it mean? First of all - athletes who want to do it, the second - funding. Of course, there is a need for a stadium, an ice ground for training. And professional refereeing. Before in the structure of DOSSAF, such refereeing was, now these people are gone, but we did not grow new professionals. Motorcycling, as I said, is very expensive, and not everyone is able to draw such expenses. Today Russian teams prefer to buy legionnaires, neither in motocross, nor in Speedway without them, no club does not do. Our guys ride together with the legionnaires, look at them - growth begins. This is correct: our own racers we must grow. But in the absence of legionaries who are able to bring medals, there will be no interest in this sport. So, we will raise our own riders for a very long time. The team should have its own young leader, who will lead the rest. Of course, we need a knowledgeable coaching staff - then our guys will go.
- What do you think, what is the magic power of attraction of motorsport?
- This is a very snooty sport. And impulsive. In it, for example, it is absolutely impossible to agree on something in advance. Before the training we discussed: today we do not tear veins, we conduct exercises in a measured manner, we sharpen these or other elements - entry into turns, overtaking. But all these arrangements were absolutely vain. It was worth giving to the gas, and - everything: the cuckoo in your head is turned off, and not a single thought, except forward and as quickly as possible. You are captured by the speed, subdued by it, you are overwhelmed with only one thing - the desire to be the first.
Motorcycle racing on ice is very entertaining, interesting to the spectator, a dynamic, boring sport. It's like a show, not without reason in Europe the speedway and the name managed to get the corresponding one - "The Battle of the Gladiators". This is not just a sporting struggle, but a battle. This name appeared not accidentally, but intentionally, in order to attract as many spectators as possible to the performances of ice gladiators. What is the motorcycle racing on the ice? It's just one short minute of competition, in which the real explosion of emotions manages to fit. Here the viewer can not be fooled. He sees that every driver is laid out as much as possible. He also sees another: everything that happens is beautiful, powerful, powerful! Of course, fans like this show very much.
- Are you a fan yourself?
- Yes. But the fan, probably, selective. Last year, for example, for the first time in my life I visited the Russian Biathlon Championships, he was in Krasnoyarsk. I will not say that I became an admirer of this sport. A great place to watch, but the fans were only fifty. And in the majority it was the attendants, doctors, trainers. And of the athletes themselves, biathletes were inspired only by the leaders of the race, at the distance they really worked in full. The rest showed just running on skis. In general, not hooked. Not very impressive and the "Formula-1", although it would seem, my, technical, sports. But the drivers in the capsules do not cause emotions. I think that this competition is not athletes, but motors. Of the games very much like hockey, rugby - its power dynamics. In general, I respect in sport swiftness, rigidity, power component, athletes' attitude to risk, overcoming themselves. Russian hockey, basketball, volleyball are bribed with their dynamism, class of calculation of throws, strikes.
- Recently you celebrated the 50th anniversary. How many more Valery Ivanov will remain with the motorcycle?
- I'll say this: I finished the career of the rider and for a long time. Has stopped to be engaged in 27 years. At the time when I was growing the results, but there was a restructuring ... The elder brother, Yuri, left the professional motorcycle race at 35 years old. So I could go on and on. It's a shame, of course, that it did not happen.
I will not say that now I no longer want to ride. I have problems with the spine because of serious injuries, but I always try to keep fit. I'm constantly with a motorcycle, I work all the time. Now I am the head of the regional sports section of DOSAAF. And people who come to me to study, I do not just have to explain, but also show what a motorcycle is sitting on the saddle. I like such practical shows very much, it's very pleasant for me. Many such theoretical trainers, who did not ride themselves, simply learned to ride a motorcycle and believe that they are able to teach someone. And this is not only in our sport, we, unfortunately, began to love theorists.

In a word, the Ivanovs, who chose motorcycling as a child, still remain loyal to him. It's sad that today we no longer have Sergei, he tragically died, drowned last year. Yura has his own motor club, he is still connected with the speedway. I, being engaged in DOSAAF, teach both speedway and motocross. I am engaged in additional professional education of athletes, both adults and children - the skill of our riders should grow.