Saturday, March 4, 2017


Dmitry Koltakov was the winner of the first day’s event in Berlin and increased his advantage over Igor Kononov to five points at the top of the leader board. Kononov’s challenge faltered slightly as he dropped points to both Koltakov and Valeev in consecutive heats then could only finish second in the final ahead of Dinar Valeev and Franz Zorn

Current champion Dmitry Khomitsevich failed to qualify when a disqualification after he dislodged a straw bale in Heat 18 was followed by a third place behind Kononov and Valeev in his semi final ride.
The German challenge never materialised with only Hans Weber making the cut. New German Champion Max Niedermaier could manage only seven points and Günther Bauer 6 after a disqualification for crossing the inner edge.
The Swedish response was also disappointing with only veteran Stefan Svensson reaching the top ten after a promising start. His chances of a semi final slot faded as he clipped the straw bales in his final race. Ove Ledström took a fall in his first race and, possibly hampered by his recent arm injury, was not able to make any impression nor was Niclas Svensson; both earning only two points.
Current leading scorers are:
1. Dmitri Kolkatov (Russia) 126
2, Igor Kononov (Russia) 121
3, Dmitri Khomitsevich (Russia) 105
4. Dinar Valeev (Russia) 93
5. Franz Zorn (Austria) 73
6. Daniil Ivanov (Russia) 68
7. Stefan Svensson (Sweden) 51
8. Günther Bauer (Germany) 48
Sunday’s meeting in Berlin commences at 14.00 and a report will be posted here.
Graham Brodie