Sunday, March 5, 2017


Dmitry Koltakov is entitled to feel that he has one hand on this year’s World Championship trophy. He was again the winner as Day 2 of the event in Berlin produced a similar set of results as on the previous evening. Dropping only one point throughout and including three wins over challenger Igor Kononov he now stands a clear eight points ahead with only one two-day final remaining.

Kononov had seemed to be in good form but finishing third in 34 behind Koltakov and Dinar Valeev meant that he would face Koltakov again in both the semi final and final. The three points he missed as a result places him further behind the leader with his hopes of a gold medal seemingly slipping away.
Dmitry Khomitsevich improved on his first day result and was the only man to beat Koltakov. He now sits comfortably in third place overall but with only an outside chance of retaining his title.
Franky Zorn was as usual in the thick of the action but drawn against Koltakov and Kononov in his semi final proved to be too great a challenge and he failed to make his second final of the event. Harald Simon was feeling the effects of a knee injury he picked up on Saturday and withdrew from his last two races.
Again there was little joy for the home fans with Günther Bauer the only German to reach the semi final stage although Max Niedermaier was close until falling in his last ride. Hans Weber managed only two points whilst Luca Bauer failed to score.
The Swedes were again led by Stefan Svensson whose eight points kept him in seventh position overall but neither Ove Ledström nor Svensson junior were consistent enough to match his score.

Current leading scorers are:
1. Dmitri Kolkatov (Russia) 146
2, Igor Kononov (Russia)) 138
3, Dmitri Khomitsevich (Russia)  122
4. Dinar Valeev (Russia) 109
5. Franz Zorn (Austria) 85
6. Daniil Ivanov (Russia) 79
7. Stefan Svensson (Sweden) 59
8. Günther Bauer (Germany) 56
The series now takes a break before Final 5 in The Netherlands in April when the destiny of the 2017 Championship will be confirmed
Graham Brodie