Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Motor Racing on ice in Tumen!

On motor track youth sports school "Start XXI Century" in last Saturday held the city championship motorcycle sport in the discipline of "race on the ice."

After a long break (today's ice speedway for the first time since 2007, held at the Tumen land) athletes have prepared for lovers of entertainment activities bright, exciting races. The team consists of a multiple winner of the championships of the Tumen region, participants of the championship and the Cup of Russia, winner of the traditional competition racing on the ice, the champion of Russia 2016 team racing major league coach and teacher Youth "Start XXI Century" Alexei Utusikov and participants of the championship and Russian Cup races on Alexander Kapotilov ice Mikhail Kovalev, Alexander Bityukov. Rivals on the ice made famous motorcycle racer from Kazakhstan.

Following the results of the races 1 place took UIA to Youth Start XXI century number 1 (Alexey Utusikov, Andrew Utusikov - 14 points),  2nd place - UIA to Youth Start XXI century number 2 (Mikhail Kovalev, Alexander Kopotilov- 9 points), 3rd place - STK "Falcon" Kazakhstan (Denis Slepuhin, Pavel Nekrasov - 9 points).

In the near future in the Tumen riders - participation in the Cup of Russia, six stages which will take place in January - February.