Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ice Speedway 2017 in Berlin - An informational flyer.

Information about the injury Ivan Chichkova

I received information about the injury Ivan Chichkova:
Do rider fractured phalanx hand near the little finger and ring finger. Especially suffered from the part of the little finger (one phalanx completely fragmented and it is not) .Now he is being treated in hospital in the city of Ufa.

In training Shadrinsk severely injured Konstantin Kolenkin

In training Shadrinsk severely injured Konstantin Kolenkin.At the entrance to the turn he emerged with throttle problems.
Motorcycle on the bounce over the net fence. Doctors ascertained at Constantine open fracture of the hip.

In Saransk after a long break competitions on ice speedway!

Attention fans of ice-speedway, which in Mordovia dozens or even hundreds of thousands! For your good news!January 4 at the pond near the village Luhovka held interregional competitions motorcycling ice. It will bring together a very interesting company, and the most titled participant will be world and European champion Yunir Bazeev! In addition, as part of the club's start Saransk brothers Eugene and Basily Kosov, which in years past unsuccessfully defended the team colors of Saransk and Samara. There will be non-resident drivers. According to one of the main organizers of the tournament Oleg Gavrilkina, their participation in the competition has confirmed the athletes from Penza. The invitation was sent to representatives of the Moscow region Lukhovitsy. Perhaps in Saransk will drive the legendary Kyril Drogalin.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Togliatti "Mega-Lada" opened the ice season!

Results Ice speedway Championship Russia 2016-2017 Final 1 - Togliatti

Final №1 in Togliatti - the battle for the medals continues.

The second stage of the final championship of Russia №1 personal struggle between the leaders of the first phase of the finals continued even brighter and more interesting!
Now Dmitry Koltakov with first launches started winning all their races. Igor Kononov also kept up with his counterpart, losing only to the partner for the club Daniil Ivanov that many fans considered a tactical move. Was interesting and opposition in one of the races the riders of Kamensk-Ural - Dmitry Khomitsevich, Dinar Valeev and Basily Nesytyh. And Edward Krysov had to interfere in their dispute for more! But Dinar Valeev, successfully conducted the check-in and repulsed all the attacks, finished first. Dmitry Khomitsevich was only the second.

The strongest Russian riders on the track in Togliatti.

On Saturday, December 24, at the Christmas Eve at the stadium named after Anatoly Stepanov began major launches for the title of Champion of Russia 2016-2017 years. Final №1 gathered in Togliatti Russia the strongest riders.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Revolution with GTR engines: special event for England.

When tuner Marcel Gerhard developed his GTR engine, he had two goals: Longer service life and thus costs for drivers. Now the Swiss can record a stage success.

Chris Harris (2015) and Fredrik Lindgren (2016) were the first internationally renowned drivers we saw in the Speedway GP on aggregates of the Swiss Marcel Gerhard. The tuner from Frauenfeld has produced 30 pre-production engines for the past two years. The machine work is done mainly at Suter in Turbenthal, known from MotoGP. Gerhard himself is responsible for engine assembly.

Training of the special kind: ice-speedway on the sea.

The Eisspeedway team builder trained together with the Swedish shooting star Ove Ledström at the Bottnian sea bus. The Eisangler loved the show.
After Günther and Luca Bauer in Russia together with Ove Ledström, the first rounds on the ice, they arranged to train together in Sweden.

Ice Speedway 2017 in Berlin - First impressions collected.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ice speedway Championship Russia - Reviews of semifinal competitions!

Sheet Of Official Ice Speedway Championship Russia 2016-2017 -Semi-final. Neftekamsk.

Foto: Denis Gornostaev/Irina Gorkova

A look at the semi-final in Ufa.

Foto: Anatoly Ermolenko

Winners of the semifinals of the Ufa Russia Ice Racing shared their feelings about the race:

Ivan Chichkov (Ufa):

- It was unforgettable. I got a lot of experience competing on equal terms with experienced riders. Ready for the final, it remains only to prepare the equipment. What are the problems? The problem is funding. Very quickly wear out the wheel. Today went to the bad wheel, but nevertheless won.

Dinar Valeev (Kamensk-Uralsky):

-Ice Does not hold. I must hold, and he like porridge. Spikes not are injected into the ice. Therefore, drivers frustrated and fell.
In the final Russia I got the first time. We're going to Togliatti. This year my results have improved.

-A Mentally prepared to fight Koltakova, Kononov?
Yes, ready, with many riders I drove, nothing scares me.

-And How do you struggle with Ufa rider Ivan Chichkova, it felt the competition for you?
-Konkurentsii Not felt so special, but it is well done, he tries. In this race, I did not feel too much struggle on this track.

Ivan Ivanov (Togliatti)

-Trek All the same. He is always in perfect condition. Always a good cleaning, the ice is well filled. A fall may be due to the unprepared technology, maybe because of its some errors. But the track is 100 percent was prepared. Young people growing, gaining speed, gaining shape. But the way it should be. Because if it was not so, then there would be no growth in Russia in our ice speedway.

For athletes debts deprive international licenses.

Currently DOSAAF accordance with the Agreement of the Russian Federation Ministry of Sport in Russia to provide subsidies for the purchase of sports equipment received the first batch of motorcycles.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Results Swedish Ice Speedway League - First stage.

Participants finals Ice Speedway Championship Russia 2016-2017.

Participants finals Ice Speedway Championship Russia 2016-2017:

1. Dmitry KOLTAKOV (Yaroslavl)
2. Andrew SHISHEGOV (Sterlitamak)
3. Sergey MAKAROV(Lukhovitsy)
4. Igor KONONOV (Togliatti)
5. Ivan CHICHKOV (Ufa)
6. Alexey IVANOV (Sterlitamak)
7. Nikita TOLOKNOV (Togliatti)
8. Daniel IVANOV (Togliatti)
9. Dmitry BULANKIN (Neftekamsk)
10. Eduard KRYSOV(Yaroslavl)
11. Dinar VALEEV (Kamensk-Uralsky)
12. Maxim KORCHEMAHA (Novosibirsk)
13. Basil NESYTYH (Kamensk-Uralsky)
14. Vladimir BOBIN (Kamensk-Uralsky)
15. Dmitry HOMITSEVICH (Kamensk-Uralsky)

Semi-final Individual Ice Speedway Championship Russia 2016-2017 - All Result.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ice Speedway Swedish League 2017 - Riders teams.

On Sunday (18.12.16) Round 1 of the Swedish Ice-Speedway League takes place in Strömsund.
Hans Weber will be at the start for SMK Gävle.

Ice Speedway 2017: Daniel Ivanov and Furygan: beginning of a long story ...

Daniel Ivanov - Russian superstar ice speedway currently Furygan athlete! He is testing the new equipment for the ice speedway, which Furygan with DuPont presents new anti-perforation material!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Foto - Ice Speedway. Resuts Memorial Starych. S. A. 10.12.2016 p. Slobodskoy

Ice Speedway. Resuts Memorial Starych. S. A. 10.12.2016 p. Slobodskoy, Kirov obl.

1. Max Niedermaier   Germany (2,2,2,2) 8 points
2. Alexey Utusikov  Tumen, Russia (2,2,2,1) 7 points
3. Pavel Taran Moscow, Russia (1,2,1,2) 6 points
4. Alexandr Moskovka  Moscow, Russia ( R,2,2,1) 5 points
5. Ivan Volkov Glazov, Russia (1,1,0,1) 3 points.
6. Tobias Busch , Germany (1,1,1,0) 3 points
7. Dmitry Strelkov  Igevsk, Russia (2,d,0,0) 2 points
8. Michail Kovalev, Tumen, Russia (0,0,1,0) 1 point
9. Andrey Svitek   Perm, Russia (0,R,0,1) 1 point

Ice speedway Superliga Russia. Round 2, Kamensk Uralsky

Photo: Dennis Gornostaev

"Mega-Lada" (Togliatti) 46 points
5. Daniil Ivanov (3,3,3,2,2) 13

6. Igor Kononov (3,3,3,3,3) 15
7. Nikita Toloknov (3,3,2,3,2) 13
8. Igor Saidullin (2,2,1,d,R) 5

"TSTVS - Uraltranstrom"( Kamensk Uralsky) 37 points
1. Evgeny Sharov (1,0,2,2,3) 8
2. Vasily Nesytyh (2,2,1,2,1) 8
3. Dinar Valeev (d,2,3,2,3) 10
4. Dmitry Khomitsevich (3,d,3,3,2) 11
"Kaustik" (Sterlitamak) 19 points
13. Andrey Shishegov (2,0,2,0,d) 4
14. Alexey Ivanov (1,1,1,1,3) 7
15. Dimitry Salyannikov (1,2,1,d) 4
16. Vadim Svinuhov (1,d,0,1,1) 3
20. Nikita Tarasov (1,0) 1

"Bashkortostan - TSTVS them. Mr. Kadyrov " (Ufa) 18 points
9. Ivan Chichkov (2,3,2,1,1) 9
10. Nikita Shadrin (0,1,0,0,2) 3
11. Nikita Bodganov (0,1,d,0,0) 1
12. Ove Ledstrom (0,1,d,3,1) 5

After 2 round:

1 place -  "TSTVS - Uraltranstrom"( Kamensk Uralsky)–8 points
2 place - "Mega-Lada" (Togliatti)–8 points
3 place - "Bashkortostan - TSTVS them. Mr. Kadyrov " (Ufa) -3 points

4  place - "Kaustik" (Sterlitamak) – 3 point.

Ice speedway Superliga Russia. Round 1, Kamensk Uralsky.

Foto:  Sergey Afanasyev

"TSTVS - Uraltranstrom"( Kamensk Uralsky) 45 points
1. Evgeny Sharov (3,2,F,0,2) 7
2. Vasily Nesytyh (3,2,2,2,3) 12
3. Dinar Valeev (2,3,3,3,2) 13
4. Dmitry Khomitsevich (2,2,3,3,3) 13

" (Togliatti) 42 points
5. Daniil Ivanov (3,2,3,1,2) 11

6. Igor Kononov (3,3,3,3,3) 15
7. Nikita Toloknov (2,3,2,2,2) 11
8. Igor Saidullin (d,3,2,Fd,d) 5

"Bashkortostan - TSTVS them. Mr. Kadyrov " (Ufa) 17 points
9. Ivan Chichkov (2,1,1,2,1) 7
10. Nikita Shadrin (1,1,1,0,0) 3
11. Nikita Bodganov (0,0,0,0,3) 3
12. Ove Ledstrom (d,0,2,2,d) 4

"Kaustik" (Sterlitamak) 14 points
13. Andrey Shishegov (1,1,d,3,Fd) 5
14. Alexey Ivanov (1,1,0,1,1) 4
15. Dimitry Salyannikov (1,0,N,1,1) 3
16. Vadim Svinuhov (0,0,1,N,Fd) 1
20. Nikita Tarasov (1,Fd) 1

After 1 round:
1 place - "TSTVS - Uraltranstrom"( Kamensk Uralsky)–5 points
2 place - "Mega-Lada" (Togliatti)–3 points
3 place - "Bashkortostan - TSTVS them. Mr. Kadyrov " (Ufa) -2 points
4  place - "Kaustik" (Sterlitamak) – 1 point.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Press conference riders Kumertau based on TK "Aris"!

Last weekend ended with training camp participants the Russian national team for motorcycle sport. For athletes gathering in Kumertau was the final before the semi-final starts. On Monday, December 5 on the basis of TK "Aris" held a press conference.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The composition of the ice team "Mega-Lada" season 2017

Daniel  Ivanov 09/23/1986
Igor Kononov 04.26.1987
Igor Saidullin 07.10.1993
Nikita  Toloknov 07/23/1994 Junior
Mikhail Litvinov  22.03.1996 Junior
Ivan Bolshakov  Junior 05/24/1998
Mikhail Afanasyev 08.07.1997 Junior
Eugene Saidullin   14.12.2000 Junior
Coaching Staff :

Head coach -  Valery  Ivanov
Coach, Administrator -  Ivan

Emil Sayfutdinov under his wing Moldov!

Moldow Company is expanding its participation in the speedway, now they will sponsor the leader of Russian speedway Emil Sayfutdinov in the coming season.