Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vitaliy Belousov: "I go home now without crutches." The driver of the Kamensk-Ural continues to recover from a serious injury.

Recall that almost a year ago at the Memorial Anatoly Stepanov Togliatti serious spinal injured motorcycle racer from Kamensk-Uralsky Vitaliy Belousov. As a result, he had to make three transactions. Two Togliatti, one - in St. Petersburg. As part of rehabilitation, he visited Poland, where he created all the conditions of local athletes.

- How are you? What's new?- It's okay, slowly I train, recovering!- How is the rehabilitation?- Who is doing at home, Kamensk-Uralsky. I go to the local resort to the procedure. I am planning a trip to the sanatorium "Sergievskie mineral water" At the end of November. It is in the Samara region. Then I plan a trip to China in early February 2017. Already bought tickets, have to do only visa.- You feel any positive changes?- Improvements have. Houses go already own, without the aid of crutches. I take them just outside.- This year, you have been seen many times in the stands. How much of a difference: the eyes of speedway riders and spectators?- I look at the eyes of speedway riders communicate with the team, trying to help and suggest some points.-Spidvey Somehow changed this year?- No, I did not notice any changes.- Emil Saifutdinov his entire fee for the performance in the World Team Cup donated to your rehabilitation ... And what about help clubs color which you protected?- Emile is not only a great racer - he is still a very good man! My Clubs for which acted also help as much as possible. I especially want to mention the team "Mega-Lada".- Doctors any forecasts give?- The doctors did their job. It's only a matter of time and hard work to restore.- There is hope in the near future to sit on a motorcycle?- I'm doing everything to go back - this is my goal! Of course, the first dream - is to fully restore health, and then return to the sport!- Good luck to you as quickly as possible get back on track !!!- Thanks to everyone who supports me! This is a very difficult way. But I try to do my best!