Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thialf can open their doors to the Ice Speedway Gladiator.

If the Thialf and the motorcycle club Shafts and the Surrounding area is to be for the next three years the ice speedway races in the Thialf stadium in Heerenveen moved.

Thialf Heerenveen Thialf  BV and the motorcycle club Shafts e.o. that agreed. The ice stadium Thialf is looking to broaden its activities after the completion of the major renovation this summer, will be completed.

The motor club of Assen and the Surrounding area was looking for an alternative location for the time Axis, after the closure of the ice rink of De Bonte Wever, no alternative job. Thialf is with 12,500 seats for spectators, and with her other accommodation for large events, perfectly suited for this world Championship. The motor club Shafts e.o. is pleased to after 45 years in Assen, organized in this schaatstempel to find shelter.