Sunday, February 28, 2016

Final Individual championship of Sweden on ice racing 2016.

In Hallstavik on February 28 was the final Individual championship of Sweden on ice racing!
In major heat, most points scored, Niklas Svensson Calin, but in the main final of the day successfully made his father, Stephen Swenson.
Silver medal on the Peninsula Lidstrom, bronze - Daniel Henderson.

Russian Team Championships 2016 -Superliga. Step 6: 02/28/2016 Togliatti. STK them. .Stepanova.

Due to the weather conditions and the poor condition of the ice Super 6 th final phase Team Championship Russian Super League ended after ten heat!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

On Saturday, February 27, in Togliatti STK on them. Anatoly Stepanov held the fifth stage of a team championship of Russia on motorcycle races on ice in the super League.

On Saturday, February 27, in Togliatti STK on them. Anatoly Stepanov held the fifth stage of a team championship of Russia on motorcycle races on ice in the super League. Before the start of the competition at the home arena of the team "Mega-Lada" was the leader in KCR 2016 and had in the asset 20 points, ahead by just 1 point its main rival – CSKA Moscow.
Saturday ice from gladiators Togliatti did everything in their power in order to win the championship of Russia ahead of schedule. However, capricious Fortuna on this day smiled racers from Ufa "Bashkortostan" which, like "Mega-Lada", scored in the main series of races 30 points.

Antti Aakko won the Finnish championship 2016.

Theft Racing team of Antti Aakko is the winner of the Theft of the Speedway Stadium, ended ice speedway SM-Finals. The second-ranked North Karelia motor club of Mikko Jetsonen, the third in Tennessee motor club Tom Norola and the fourth was at the Vaasa engine club Mats Järf.
In the heats Aakko and Järf advancing from victory to victory before encountered the item 19. It Järf take the starter from the top spot, but the second round on departure Aakko come inside over and drove round to win. Thus, Aakko maximum points 15 directly to the finals. Järf lost one point, but 14 points was enough for second straight finals. 
Mikko Jetsonen ran a strong 13 points. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Press Release European Ice Speedway in Ufa (Russia).

Start List ICE SPEEDWAY Finnish Championship Finals 27.02.2016

ICE SPEEDWAY Finnish Championship Finals - 27.02/2016:

1. Janne Vilponen ASMP
2. Matti Isoaho OMK
3. Mats Järf VAMK
4. Markku Weckman MP Support
5. Teppo Toivola ASMP
6. Antti Alphabetical VRT
7. Matias Rantala PirMM
8. Tom Kirilov PirMM
9. Rami Systä Jamoke / UA
10. Jussi Nyrönen P-KMK
11. Tomi Norola SeMK
12. Miko Ronkainen KMS
13. Jani-Pekka Koivula SeMK
14. Timo Kankkunen P-KMK
15. Mikko Jetsonen P-KMK
Jarmo Malinen TSMU
17. Henri Pekkala OMK
18. Timo Smed OMK

Results -Open tournament for the Cup of the mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

2016 Astana Expo FIM Team Ice Speedway Gladiators - Almaty (KAZ)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nikolay Krasnikov - The Champion Of Europe Of 2016.

In Ufa ended the European championship for motorcycling on ice. Nikolay Krasnikov, the 20-time world champion in personal and kamatnih the world Championships added to the team's first gold medal of the European Championship!


Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

RESULTS - Astana Expo FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators World Championship Final 1 - 6/7 February 2016 – Krasnogorsk (Russia).

The victory was celebrated by Krasnikov and Khomitsevich, and the leader Koltakov!

 Defending champion Dmitri Koltakov holds a comfortable lead in the Astana Expo FIM Ice Speeedway Gladiators World Championship after two days of splendid racing in Krasnogorsk.

Saturday saw an enthusiastic crowd of around 9000 brave the winter cold and they were rewarded with some entertaining racing on a well prepared track. Wild Card Nikolay Krasnikov took first place but his success was not as emphatic as last year when he was unbeaten at this track.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Ready for final 1 in Krasnogorsk, Russia on 6 & 7 February?
For the first time fans, the media, riders and teams will be able to follow the action from all five individual events plus the team event of the Astana Expo FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators World Championships 2016.

Berlin to prepare for the world championship!

Although there are still four weeks until the next motor sport event in the Horst-Dohm-stadium in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, but now running, apart from all the organisational and the practical.