Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 FIM Speedway U21 World Championship QR 2 -Terenzano, Italy.

FIM 2015 SPEEDWAY UNDER 21 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – QUAL. ROUND 3 IMN No: 507/3 Date: 30. 5. 2015 Place: Žarnovica FMNR: SMF

European Individual Speedway Championship in Lendava (Slovenia) - Cancelled for bad weather conditions

On Saturday May 30th, the Challenge of the European Individual Speedway Cham￾pionship scheduled in Lendava (Slovenia) was cancelled due to unridable track con￾ditions. The Polski Związek Motorowy communica￾tes that the organiser was not able to pre￾pare a raceble track on Friday for practice, due to heavy rain the week be￾fore the race, and it was also impossible to start the meeting on Saturday evening. In the Jury Meeting, the organiser stated that they could not provide a good com￾petitive racetrack on Sunday as well, the￾refore the Jury decided to cancel the meeting in Lendava. The Challenge of Individual Speedway European Championship scheduled in Lendava, 30th May, will be held in Torun (Poland) on 5th June 2015, one day before the FIM World Speedway Cup, Event 1, in Gniezno, 90 km from Torun.