Thursday, February 19, 2015

Press release on the 42-nd Ice Speedway Berlin 26 February - 1 March 2015.

Riders for Ice Speedway World Team Championships in Berlin completely.
(Text and foto: Thorsten Horn)

Only a few days, then it's time again Eisspeedway in Berlin. From February 26 (Thursday) by 1 March (Sunday) at issue in the Horst-Dohm Ice Stadium in Berlin's Wilmersdorf in the truest sense of the word back around. It returns after three years with one, although top class international field of riders the World Cup in the capital back, and with the World Team Championship once the ice speedway highlight of each year.

Before the world's best Spike knight (27.2.) To their practice sessions and Saturday (28.2.) And Sunday (1.3.) Go on Friday to their World Cup relevant race on Kunsteisoval, determine the German pilots known and popular international guests simultaneously investing on Thursday (26.2.) the German ice speedway champion 2015. This leads to a reunion with the best domestic drivers of recent years, with Günther Bauer. It will even give you a first as the 43-year-old Bayer is thereby meet for the first time in a real competition boy on its 17 year old son Luca. The Swede Per-Olof Serenius simultaneously adopted one of the most popular driver in the world of his Berlin audience. The quickest until March 9, 66 years old firefighter Sweden started in 1977 here his international career and now wants to absolutely stop here this. The two-time and last non-Russian singles world champion (1995 and 2002) but can not get to the "rolling", but is still one of the fastest in his profession. He won, for example, this year the race is always well-staffed and highly competitive Santa Cup in his home country and was his team SMK Gävle third in the Swedish Ice Speedway League. As a rule, he drove it a most points for his team and was always on par with the best riders in each point of all four teams, which intensified in part by international drivers. Still, he was not nominated for the Swedish team for the World Team Championship, so that even so a visit to the Horst-Dohm-ice stadium is also worthwhile on Thursday.

For the team's World Cup, the Russian team is regarded as the clear favorite, finally won 32 of them so far 36 possible titles. Since this is compiled according to the result of the Russian Championship, there is even another reunion with the (single) WM-retirees with eight titles and world champion Nikolai Krasnikov. On the side of the world champion of the last two years fighting (after Krasnikovs resignation of the GP series) Daniil Ivanov and Dmitry Khomitsevich.

If all goes according to plan, we can enjoy the driving skills of Russian protagonists very well, but more likely to stress the battle for silver and bronze promise. So are definitely the Austrians on the podium contenders, but were especially through its two top riders Franz Zorn and Harald Simon in the last seven years, five times runner-up. In the previous year, Franky anger injured right at the start of the season and fell out for the rest of the year, so that Harri Simon was quite on their own and so only the thankless fourth place was at the World Team Championships. After the first three double events Individual World Championships 2015 Krasnogorsk, Togliatti and Almaty rank-again "Franky" anger "Harri" Simon as the best non-Russians in sixth and seventh.

Is it then, the Czechs have to also have on the list, because the brothers Jan and Antonin Klatovský take-date with both 38 championship points ranks a ten and eleven. In addition, they each occupied as also the heart of the Czech team at the World Team Championships in 2011 and 2012, bronze medal.

On home turf we must also trust some of the German team. On the side of Günther Bauer, who already knows the team's World Cup runner-up 2004 and -Dritter, 1994, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009, the feeling of standing on a World Cup podium, Hans Weber and Max Meier are their low give best. How far it will go forward remains to be seen, but with a similar success as him whose fathers Helmut Weber and Max Meier low-sen. 1983 celebrated in Berlin by winning the World Team Championships here is not likely to occur. As a permanent starter in the Grand Prix Günther Bauer and Hans Weber currently occupy the seats twelve and 13th

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