Wednesday, February 11, 2015

History Medeo.

Medeo, a sports complex, in the eponymous mountain river gorge Almatinka Minor, situated at an altitude of 1,691.2 meters above sea level. built in 1969 -1972 years.Authors: architects V.Z. Katsev, A. Kaynarbaev, I .G.  Kosogova, the  main consulate truktory S.B. Matveev , M.V. Plakhotnikov, S. M. Chelidze, engineers E.L. Liechtenstein, V.V. Vdovichenko and other experts who participated in the creation of architecture and construction of the rink. Mountain for the creation of a sports complex "Medeu" writing team designers and builders in 1975 was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.
Complex Medeo alpine winter sports, located in the Medeo, 18 kilometers from Almaty. In 1949 the site was selected for the construction of the rink. First rink became operational in February 1951, the country's first high-skating rink, a job that depended on the lower air temperatures (2 - 2.5 months a year). The clean mountain air, sun, water, without salt and other impurities used by pouring ice the guard provided exceptional results. The skating rink was opened February 4, 1951 and February 5 skaters was set the first record in the future, all records were updated USSR and Kazakhstan. Reconstructed rink opened in 1972 on the site of a skating rink with natural ice, which functioned in February 1951. The area of the ice field 10,500 square meters, the length of treadmills 400 meters, width of 15 meters, allows the rink competitions in speed skating, hockey, figure skating. Multi-layer thickness of 2.3 meters field consists of 20 types of metals.

Completes its concrete slab, which laid 170 kilometers of pipes with coolant. Power chillers able to "hold" the ice 8 months of the year, and skating tracks - all year round. To illuminate the ice arena at 8 masts installed floodlights 1600. The mild climate Medeo, the optimal level of solar radiation, low atmospheric pressure, calm, pure glacier water river small Alma-Ata provide high quality ice. Medeo won great reputation and international sporting vocation. On the "Medeo" is set 112 world records in speed skating. The stands were 10 500 seats. Above the stadium "Medeo" behind the hotel "Premier Medeo", which was in this place is a restaurant "Kazakh Aul" at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The sports complex "Medeu" is an architectural monument of republican values since 1978. Located in the communal property of the city of Almaty in 2000. The stadium is named after the Medeu Pusyrmanova (1850 - 1908 years), the ruler of rangelands in Small Almaty gorge of Trans-Ili Alatau. Almost 20 years rink was a forge world records in speed skating.
On the first competitions held here in February 1951, it was established two world records and six All-Union. All the old rink registered 47 world records. However, for the further development of skating needed a new skating rink with artificial ice. After creating a reliable antimud slide protection dam construction began of a new skating complex. His project was developed by the institute "Alma Atagiprogor." The project involved the creation of optimal conditions for training and competition high-class athletes, as well as the ability to use the rink for public recreation Almaty citizens and guests of the capital of Kazakhstan.
Construction of the complex was carried out for two years, and December 28, 1972 held its opening. Rostrum ice stadium can hold more than 10,000 spectators. Placed under the stands wardrobe for 2500 seats, a snack bar, a hotel, sports and lecture halls with a film projector, a clinic, sauna, rental points and riveting skates, rooms for judges, journalists, and so on. N. From the main entrance and the north gate ice Arena is a multi-tiered ramp and stairs of red granite, in the form of mountain rocks. Performed on the northern side of the arena, on the part of the stadium light display area of 260 square meters, with the outer side of the entrance there is a huge relief "Skaters", which is created by the artist Nimets and Konstantinov.
In 1989, Medeu passes final personal world championship, who wins the Soviet racer Nikolay beggar.
The following year, the skating rink takes the world team championship, in which defeats the Soviet motorcycle racer!
In the early 90's has become one of Medeu Meck racing on ice, which are not only competition but also the fees of the USSR team.