Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Team championship . Superleague. 1 – 2 st stage (Kamensk-Uralsky).

Alexander Moskowka back on track.14 December 2014 .Slobodskoy, Russia. Ice speedway.

Cup Kumertay 2014.

 6 December, in the year of Kumertay (Republic of Bashkortostan) hosted an international friendly race - "The mayor's Cup, Kumertay". In this year's training camp came all the elite winter Speedway Russia - the national team of the country on motorcycle racing on ice. Despite the cold and wind in the stands came true fans of Motorsport, such as the composition of the participants on the track the inhabitants of the city had not seen for a very long time! Also participated: the Swedish national team of 3 Junior and representatives of Germany.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Silencers for Track Racing In 2015.

The reduction of sound levels in Track Racing is necessary to keep tracks located near cities and built-up areas open while ensuring that the sport remains sustainable. For this reason, a new type of silencer for Track Racing was introduced by the FIM in February 2013, with the cooperation and agreement of the silencer manufacturers involved in the sport.
The new-style silencer, which has a different internal construction from the earlier models, is designed to provide better engine response for the rider while remaining in line with the FIM sound level policy. Manufacturers have been invited to present a new silencer model which must meet a number of construction requirements and not exceed the maximum sound level limit (max: 112 dB/A at 11.000 rpm).
A series of sound tests have already taken place this year during the months of October and November. Various manufacturers were present at these test sessions with their new silencers. Some new silencer models have shown promise as regards both design and ability to reduce the sound level to the limit required to obtain approval.
A final test day is planned later this month to give manufacturers a chance to present other silencers or those already tested after changes to reduce the sound level to the approval limit. The approved silencers will be used during the 2015 Track Racing Season. The 2015 Ice Racing competitions, commencing already in January of 2015, will continue to use the present model of silencer until the end of their competitions. As from 2016, they will also need to equip their motorcycles with the new silencer.
After the last test and before the end of the year, the FIM will announce the newly approved silencers, which are due to appear on the market as of the end of January 2015. The approved silencer model (provided it is unmodified and not damaged) will be valid for a period of 5 years (until the end of 2019). Silencers will be subjected to random testing periodically.
From September 2015, another series of test sessions will begin for manufacturers wishing to present and manufacturer a new silencer for Track Racing.