Sunday, November 25, 2012

The second phase of the Russian Championship team in the Super League Ice Racing today, did not take place!

The second phase of the Russian Championship team in the Super League Ice Racing today, did not take place! Athletes refused to race because of the poor quality of the ice!

Competitions planned to start at 14:00, but the athletes refused to participate in the races. According to preliminary information, they had complaints about the quality of the ice. According to the chief judge of the competition, now solved the issue of transferring the second stage of the day.Championship will decide the fate of the track commission. Specialists will determine the second stage of the championship or to migrate. But, as Chief Justice, even if the competition and will take, then, most likely, will not be continued in Blagoveshchensk. Moreover, these riders have decided to depart for home. Athletes to complain to the organizers about the fact that they do not have time for the night to bring the ice up, and today it was tramplinistym and bumpy.

First stage of the Russian Championship Ice Racing teams of Super League.

In the city of Blagoveshchensk on November 24 passed the first stage of the Russian Championship Ice Racing teams of Super League.

The first day of competition for all athletes not gone smoothly, some during the race, fell from the motorcycle. One of the athletes took to the ice road to the ambulance. Spidveist from Sterlitamak on corner entry caught the motorcycle amurchanina Paul Seagulls and flew into the fence of the bags of straw. During the event, several participants were unable to cope with the bike and fell. In one of the races spidveist flew over the limit line and a few minutes could not get up. Ambulance guy did not need to climb it helped his opponent from the other team. This turn of events was expecting a few more members who flew with motorcycles.One of the fallen spidveistov, Daniil Ivanov from the team "Bashkortostan-TSTVS" luck more than others, it fell within the circle and then was able to continue the race, but not so on the athlete from the team "Caustic" Sterlitamak city. Igor Conan during the race buried his front wheel of his motorcycle into the rear wheel motorcycle led the way Paul Seagulls. Athlete flew beyond racing field, crashing into the fence.

Finally spidveista took an amb ulance.All the races on the ice today, seven teams participated: "Megalada" from Togliatti, "Bashkortostan-TSVTS" from Ufa, "Mordovia" from Saransk, "Torpedo-SHAAZ" from Shadrinsk "TSPTVS" from Kamensk-Ural, "Caustic" from Sterlitamak and "Amur-Speedway" from Blagoveshchensk. Look at the first stage of the championship, which lasted about 4 hours, came about six million viewers. The fans are not frozen, they were offered free hot tea and buckwheat porridge.A total of 23-in. Originally scheduled for 21 race, but due to the fact that some teams have equal points, had to spend two more-in the first and fourth. In between fans and athletes dancing entertained chirlidershi in a bear suit.As a result, today's stage first place was the team "Bashkortostan-TSTVS" from Ufa, the second - "Mega-Lada" from Togliatti. In third place was the team Amur "Amur-Speedway."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Composition of participants Individual Championship semifinals Russia Ice Racing known!

Track Commission MFR Ice Racing determined composition of the personnel of the Russian championship semifinals will take place on 15-16 December 2012 in Novosibirsk, Shadrinsk, Kamensk-Uralsk and Ufa.

Individual Championship Russia 2012-2013

15-16.12.2012 Novosibirsk
15-16.12.2012 Shadrinsk
15-16.12.2012 Kamensk-
15-16.12.2012 Ufa
22-23.12.2012 Final 1 (Togliatti)
12-13.01.2013 Final 2 (Ufa)

Saturday, November 3, 2012