Monday, August 13, 2012

Dates ice battles, part 2 - Assen and Eindhoven 1984

 Anatoliy Bondarenko, followed by Yuri Ivanov .. and Roelof Thijs! Assen,semi - final.

Dates ice battles, part 1.

Deventer Feb. 22, 1981 -  Semi -finals of the WC Ice speedway:

Finnish Longtrack championship and Nordic Championship 2012

last weekend was opening for the new, 650 meter longtrack in Kauhajoki. Saturday was a night for Finnish final. Aki-Pekka Mustonen was flying and won the meeting with maximum points. Björn G. Hanssen struggled with technical problems in his first outings but managed to outreach silver with Gerdemann’s bike. Joel Nyström was clear third and Aarni Heikkilä fourth.

Nordic Championship took place on Saturday. TOP 3 was the same than day before. Appe was flying again and won easily all his 6 outings. Hanssen was clear second and Nyström third. Janne Nyman improved a lot but had no chance in the final.

Semi-Finals and Final of 80cc Youth Speedway Cup event held yesterday in Czestochowa (Poland)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 UEM Individual Speedway European Championship Final Series.

2012 UEM Individual Speedway European Championship
Final Series
Final 1 EMN 50/5 Rawic, Poland on 18th August 2012
Final 2 EMN 50/6 Daugavpils, Latvia on 1st September 2012
Final 3 EMN 50/7 Krsko, Slovenia on 15th September 2012
Final 4 EMN 50/8 Mureck, Austria on 30th September 2012

Official Starting List , 3 -rd august 2012 -