Sunday, July 29, 2012

Semi-Final of the Individual Grass Track EC and the Final of the Sidecar Grass Track EC in Wertle (Germany).

 Press Release nr 100 with results of the Semi-Final of the Individual Grass Track EC and the Final of the Sidecar Grass Track EC held yesterday in Wertle (Germany).
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators World Championship 2013

INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL COMMISSION (CTI) - INFORMATION Clarification for Track Racing Rules - June 2012

Clarifications and some modifications are presented by Messrs Roy Otto,
Director Track Racing Commission, and Oriol Puig Bulto, Director of the
International Technical Commission, to three articles of the Technical Rules for
Track Racing, for immediate application:
1. Dirt deflectors (Art. 58.03.11)
The inter-face of the dirt deflector may be altered to allow a correct assembly to a
particular frame construction; however the dirt deflector must retain its normal
While the present rule (above) is quite clear, you can only modify (machine) the back
of the casting plate to allow a better fit to the type of frame being used. Furthermore,it
is not allowed to drill holes for cosmetic or lightening purposes; it is also not allowed
to polish off the trade mark or the homologating number. These items are for product
2. Ignition ‘cut off’ switch (Art. )
New wording (bold):
An ignition cut-out must be fitted either on the front fork triple clamp (i.e. ‘handle
bar plate’), or on the right hand side of the handlebar, as close as practicable to
the throttle.
The ignition cut-out must stop the engine immediately, by the simple action of pulling
a lanyard or a non-elastic string (which must be as short as possible) attached to the
rider´s right wrist.
3. Homologated silencers (Art. 31.03.1).
The exhaust pipe must be fixed to the cylinder head and frame with a minimum of 3
clips (the point of fixture at the cylinder head is considered as one clip). The silencer
must be fixed to the frame with at least one clip.
Additionally, a second flexible coupling must be fitted from the first third of the
silencer to the frame. This second coupling should be a steel cable of at least 3 mm
 or strong steel spring.
A simple modification (alteration) to the silencer bracket located on top is
permitted, solely intended for better fitting on the motorcycle

Monday, July 9, 2012


The third Semi-Final of the Individual Speedway Junior European Championship was
held on Saturday the 7th of July in the Danish track of Holsted.
The winner was Polish Zmarzlik Bartosz, in second position Polish Sowka Lukasz and
third position Danish Porsing Nicklas.
The Final of the Individual Speedway Junior European Championship will be held on the
25th of August in Opole (Poland).

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Russian hero Emil Sayfutdinov led his country into the FIM Monster Energy Speedway World Cup Final and declared “I think it will be the same result” at Swedish track Malilla on Saturday.

Sayfutdinov bagged third place in an epic heat 20 as Russia scored 35 points to win Event 1 in Bydgoszcz ahead of host nation Poland (34) and Denmark (33). The United States were eliminated after finishing on 23 points.

Friday, July 6, 2012

100 Anniversary of Vladimir Karneev - Photo Chronicle. Part 1.

100 Anniversary of Vladimir Karneev – the founder of Russian Speedway.

Dear friends!

As you probably know next year we will celebrate 100 Anniversary of Vladimir Karneev, who was the founder of Russian Speedway, and he played a great role in Eastern European Speedway.

Russian veterans' movement proposed an initiative to celebrate this date and put the monument to honor Karneev's memory.
 Please, find the attached letter.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finnish SM-liiga 3.7.2012

Third meeting in SM-liiga was Keittiöpiste´s home match in Kuusankoski. This race became a joke as both Sand Blowers and Kotkat were protesting against the track conditions. Kotkat finished the meeting but they had some protest rides. Sand Blowers refused to ride after first heat and just stopped racing.
Keittiöpiste won the match and they showed some great speedway for the audience. Man of the match was Teemu Lahti scoring a full pot of 15 points in five heats, although he had two solo heats. Kalle Katajisto was flying again scoring 14+1. So far Katajisto has been the best scorer in SM-liiga.

1. Keittiöpiste 39:Teemu Lahti 15 (33333), Tero Aarnio 11 (22223), Timo Lahti 10 (31321), Marko Suojanen 3 (3,F/N)
2. Kotkat 26: Juha Hautamäki 8 (R323), Mika Loppi 8 (12122), Markku Autio 6 (d2112), Joni Keskinen 4 (RT13)
3. Haukat 21: Kalle Katajisto 14 (33332), Jiri Nieminen 7 (20032), Mika Pellinen 0 (d)
4. Sand Blowers 2: Kalle Kivistö 2 (2d), Jari Mäkinen 0 (R ), Niko Siltaniemi 0 (R ), Aarni Heikkilä 0 (d )

SM-liiga after 3 matches:
1. Keittiöpiste 14
2. Sand Blowers 11
3. Kotkat 10
4. Haukat 6

Next match is in Hyvinkää at July 7th.

Info: Tomi Nevanperä