Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finland in speedway, longtrack and grasstrack season 2012.

Following riders are representing Finland in speedway, longtrack and grasstrack:

Speedway GP-qualis:
2.6.2012 St Johann, Austria: Joonas Kylmäkorpi
16.6.2012 Berwick, Great Britain: Tero Aarnio
16.6.2012 Güstrow, Germany: Timo Lahti
Longtrack WC-qualis:
6.5.2012 Mühldorf, Germany: Aki-Pekka Mustonen
2.6.2012 Tayak, France: Rene Lehtinen and Aarni Heikkilä
Grasstrack EC-semis:
26.5.2012 Artiques de Lussac: Simo Pulli
3.6.2012 Bielefeld, Germany: Aki-Pekka Mustonen

Rest, for example
U-21 riders and longtrack team will be nominated later.

Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 FIM Ice Speedway Gladiator World Championship - CHAMPIONS AND WINNERS!

World Champion 2012.


Born: 04.02.1985.
8-time world champion,9-fold world champion in the team standings.

World Championship silver medalist in 2012.

DANIEL IVANOV (Mega Lada Togliatti)

Born: 23.09.1986.
3-time vice-world champion, world championship bronze medalist ,3-time world champion in the team standings.

Bronze medalist at World Cup 2012.


Born: 18.10.1985.
2 times world championship bronze medalist, 3-time world champion in the team standings.

Foto:Jan Charles

FOTO - 2012 FIM Ice Speedway Gladiator World Championship Final 4 - Uppsala

Fotobienale last final. Foto: Sebastian Skog  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nikolai Krasnikov an eight-time world champion in the individual competition.

March 1, the final day of competition in the Swedish Uppsala, as well as in the rest of the series determined champion of the world - for the eighth time he was undermining the Russians Nikolai Krasnikov. After winning a fourth final, seven-time world champion put the winning point and throughout the championship.

Nikolai Krasnikov little after the fourth series of races provided a decisive advantage, and hence the title. Not ostanavivshis on this, he reached the main final, losing to Sergei Karachintsevu, Dmitri and Dmitry Homitsevichu Koltakovu out - due to technical problems with the bike. But this does not upset and did not cast a shadow over the festive atmosphere of the winner. Now the number of victories in the personal world championships Nikolai Krasnikov set a new record - eight league titles in a row. Silver and bronze went to the championship respectively, Daniel Ivanov and Dmitry Homitsevich.


Foto : Jan Charles and Ice Speedway Gladiators, Uppsala