Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rosters for Landshut revealed.

We’re one week away (May 25) from the secondo round of Speedway Best Pairs. In German Landshut, seven sponsor teams will face each other and they have just revealed their rosters.

In the German team, there's only one change comparing to the round, which took place at Motoarena. After an incredibly good performance during the series' inauguration, pair will be combined from Kai Huckenbeck and Erik Riss. Tobias Kroner will be moved to the reserve position.
City Team
1. Kai Huckenbeck
2. Erik Riss
15. Tobias Kroner
There were no changes in FOGO Power's roster. Leaders of the series put their undefeated duo Zmarzlik-Pawlicki, who has been winning every round of SBP since... last year's round in Landshut (05.05.2016)
Fogo Power
3. Bartosz Zmarzlik
4. Piotr Pawlicki
16. Przemysław Pawlicki
Rafał Dobrucki announced Vaclav Milik's name in their squad. However, Czech rider got injured and his place can be taken by Maciej Janowski, for whom it would be a debut in the new formula of Speedway Best Pairs.
Eko-Dir Speedway Team
5. Vaclav Milik
6. Szymon Woźniak
17. Maksym Drabik
Vice-leaders of the series are putting their strongest squad. Trio Doyle-Laguta-Fricke, which has been in an incredible form so far will definitely look for revenge and get back their win, lost at the last meters in the first round of SBP.
Boll Team
7. Jason Doyle
8. Grigorij Łaguta
18. Max Fricke
Trans MF Pro Race Team completed their roster from riders of AC Landshut Devils. Their natural leader will be Martin Smolinski, who has been representing local club since 2009.
Trans MF Pro Race Team
9. Martin Smolinski
10. Leon Madsen
19. Mark Riss
Swedish-Polish duo will be put to fight by Adam Krużyński. Their strength should lay in Antonio Lindbaeck, who got the third position during the Speedway Euro Championship round in 2015.
Nice Racing
11. Antonio Lindbaeck
12. Adrian Miedziński
Chris Holder and Paweł Przedpełski made the roster of Monster Energy Speedway Team. Crew led by Joe Parsons will fight to secure their position at the podium, which should be guaranteed by Chris Holder (his heat average at One Solar Arena is 1,909).
Monster Energy Speedway Team
13. Chris Holder
14. Paweł Przedpełski

Meeting starts at 6 PM CET. Live broadcast is provided by Eurosport 1.