Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Tomek, no one will replace you!"

Racers from Grudzenza team came to Warsaw to perform a charity race around the stadium "Narodny" and raise funds for the treatment of the champion.

They held a banner with the words "Tomek, no one will replace you!"

The team believes that their captain will return, therefore candidates for this role are not even considered!

According to the club, Tomáš Golob left the coma. The racer from Sunday is in the Military Hospital in Bydgoszcz, where he got after the accident in training before the competitions in motocross.
Tomasz had surgery on the spine on Sunday, after which he was in poor condition and connected to an artificial respiration apparatus due to a severe contusion of both lungs. The doctors put him in a coma. On Monday, the athlete reduced the dose of drugs, the awakening began. On Tuesday, before 6 pm, information appeared that the motorcyclist was conscious and talking with Dr. Robert Wlodarski.
From the information that has come down to us, Golob has recovered, asked if there was a family with him. And he asked the doctor to tell his relatives that they should come to visit him. The rider was already disconnected from the respirator, breathing on his own.
Golob passed a magnetic resonance imaging scan. In the course of her doctors, sensitivity was also checked. It was not, but it does not mean anything, because Tomash was under the influence of drugs.