Monday, January 30, 2017

Shadrinsk prepare for the final Ice Speedway Gladiators WC 2017.

Preparations for a grand international sports festival continues. February 11 and 12, our city will stage World Grand Prix on ice speedway. About who and what prizes will compete in Shadrinsk track that will change for the fans and guests of the championship and see whether shadrintsy his famous countryman Nikolai Krasnikov, told reporters director of the stadium "Torpedo" Alexander Taskaev.

The composition of the final №2 already made public. Russia will be represented by the current world champion Dmitry Homitsevich Dmitry Koltakov Danil Ivanov, Igor Kononov and debutant Dinar Valeev. Austria - Franz Zorn and Harald Simon, Germany - Günther Bauer, Max Niedermayer and Hans Weber. Ove Ledstrem, Jimmy Olsen and familiar to local fans, Stefan Svensson will defend the honor of Sweden, the last with his son Nicholas.

Rider track Shadrinsk will Nikolay Krasnikov. According to the regulations in each FIM final stage of one place in the grid available eminent racer national motofederatsii. Dialed "track racing" glasses do not go in the standings.

A. Taskaev "MFR granted" wild card "of the second final of our fellow countryman, a graduate school Shadrinsk speedway, multiple world champion Nikolai Krasnikov".

The rooms are spare riders got shadrintsam Artem Akulov and Yuri Oleynikov. Referees will also be part of the international. Thus, the FIM Jury President Wolfgang Glas arrive from Germany, the chief judge of the competition, Alexander Lyatosinsky - from Ukraine.

On track training, rules and requirements of motorcycles significant changes in comparison with the Russian championship is not, said Alexander V.. But there are security measures, and the fans are waiting for some innovation.

A. Taskaev "more stringent restrictions will operate the closed park area and the technical area. The administrative building of the stadium will be used by the room of the international jury, the international television office, a medical room, a doping control room. Delegates will arrive whether WADA, is another matter, but the room should be equipped. "

During the World Cup are taken into account even the smallest details. So, advertising materials, flags, banners and posters, all must comply with the FIM requirements. For example, on the "Torpedo" must appear flags of States Parties of the competition; Austrian flag - the state where the FIM headquarters; State flag of the Chief Justice, in the case of Ukraine. Ready for stadium cups and strong rider final №2, as well as prizes to the top three.

A.Taskaev: "The biggest expense items in the organization of events related to the payment of prize money, contributions to the federation. Here again I want to thank you for supporting the management of "UGMK-Holding", without the support of the enterprises of JSC "Uralelectromed" and JSC "SHAAZ" to organize the World Cup finals in Shadrinsk would be simply impossible. Speaking of prizes, by the end of the second day of competition in Shadrinsk best racer will receive a car LADA XRAY, for second place - quad, for the third - a snowmobile. "

Participants, judges, representatives of the FIM and other guests Shadrinsk preparing to meet on 9 February. Official training athletes participating in Ice Speedway Gladiators Astana Expo 2017 will be held at the stadium "Torpedo" on February 10. In those days, and directly during the race will be run in Shadrinsk journalists Television International Motorcycle Federation FIM TV. Final film of all five finals will be shown on the sports channels, dozens of countries.

World Cup begins February 4 and 5, Togliatti, and will end on April 2 in the Netherlands. Champion will emerge as a result of the final five races. Recall tickets for the final №2 already on sale. They can be purchased in the administrative stadium "Torpedo".

Press-service of the Administration of Shadrinsk, Tamara ALEXANDROVA